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Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow

During the early hours of Tuesday, March 11, 2003, our friend Sparrow, aka Carson McCann, took his own life while out in the forests that he loved and worked to defend. Memorial service details are below.
The forest defender community of Cascadia is suffering from a severe tragedy that occurred this past week. During the early hours of Tuesday, March 11, 2003, our friend Sparrow, aka Carson McCann, took his own life while out in the forests that he loved and worked to defend. It happened at the beginning of a group skill-sharing campout in the Willamette National Forest.

We all knew Sparrow as a kind, gentle individual who fought hard every day to defend the ancient forests and to bring about a more responsible relationship with our ancient forests. Sparrow was especially involved in surveying for rare species like the red tree vole. He spent countless hours in the forest climbing every tree possible looking for voles trying to cancel egregious, old-growth timber sales. Even more, he spent countless hours teaching people how to climb ropes safely, so they could carry on the important work he helped pioneer.

Those of us who knew Sparrow will never forget him - the twinkle in his cool blue eyes, his calm tone and amazing spirit. He was a loyal friend, passionate and dedicated to changing the world. Sparrow was a political, emotional and spiritual revolutionary. He was the real thing.

We will always try but will never know why Sparrow took his life. Only he knows. We only know that he died in a place that he cherished and around people he loved. We know that he is now peaceful, and we must carry on with where he left off.

Sparrow had many friends that considered him family and shared great love and support for him. He will always be a part of the forest and will forever be inside each of us, affecting our thoughts and actions. We love you and miss you Sparrow. Your spirit rests peacefully out in the misty Cascade Mountains.

There will be a memorial for Sparrow at the Rose Garden in Eugene on Sunday, March 16th at 6:00 pm sharp (not on saturday as previously scheduled). The Rose Garden is located at the end of Jefferson St. where it meets the Willamette River. Bring candles and an offering to Sparrow. The memorial will be followed by a potluck and music at the Campbell Club Co-op, located at 1670 Alder St.

The following day, Monday March 17, there will be a hike and ceremony at the Straw Devil timber sale, located just above McCredie Hotsprings in the Salt Creek drainage. It is here that Sparrow helped locate over two dozen red tree vole nests in hopes of preserving this beautiful forest. This was one of his favorite places on Earth. Carpools will leave the Growers Market (454 Willamette St, Eugene) at 10:00am and return around 5:00pm.

Goodbye Sparrow...We love you!!

phone: phone: 541-684-8977

photo of sparrow 14.Mar.2003 21:48

friend of cfd

photo of sparrow
photo of sparrow

sorrow 15.Mar.2003 07:53


Sometimes the struggle simply overwhelms us. Reach out for help when you need it. Please...

Sparrow flies for peace 15.Mar.2003 09:01

woman in black

Since the time of your candle light vigil is the same as the world-wide candle vigil for peace, perhaps you all could hold your candles extra high...

Peace on earth will include peace to the earth, don't you think?

I hope Sparrow has found peace...

Forever flying 15.Mar.2003 17:44


we will light a candle for you, and carry it in our hearts
I will see you in every woodland creature and hear your wisper in the wind

why did this happen 16.Mar.2003 02:06


He died to tell us something. This was no impulsive act of passion. He knew what he was doing and he did it where he knew his chosen family would find him.

Things are changing out there, we all know it. Even people who have been in the movement, on the planet for decades, say that things are changing. Things are coming to a head.

Sparrow is the canary in the coal mine. He is the Buddhist monk who poured gas on his body and burned to death in front of everyone. His death is a lesson, a reminder, an exhortation, a massive question mark.

He left us the universe. Let's pick it up and run with it.

peace 16.Mar.2003 02:52

your friend in Istanbul

blessings to Sparrow who has found peace,
and peace to us all,
may his memory soothe you in the approaching storm,
may you all pass beyond sorrow to find joy.
Sparrow would have wanted that.

love and blessings to you all

jack's squat 16.Mar.2003 06:12

much love to sparrow

there is trouble but we will outlive them.
spring will comw soon.

i will start a memorial squat in sparrows honor.

we will break bread there and discuss ways to avoid your dis ease.

Free At Last 16.Mar.2003 08:49


Sparrow - I didn't know you but I knew of you. Your spirit is free at last. You now have wings ..... FLY!

Free at last 19.Mar.2003 22:16


May the spirit world welcome Sparrow with the gentleness and compassion he has shown us on this earth. His presence, intensity, and noncomplacancy towards injustice is inspirational to me and many others. His dedication to all things natural will endure in the hearts of many...

Meaning of Life and all that stuff.... 03.May.2003 21:14

OlwŰ Melwas˙l olorinlorien@yahoo.com

There are 3 kinds of people in the U.S.: elves (smallest group), clones (biggest group), and orcs. I didn't know him, but Sparrow sounds like he was an elf. I'm trying to become an elf and move out of accursed clone-ness.

For all who might have bouts of depression about the unbelievably bad state of the world--as caused by Saruman and his orcs (aka Bush, Cheney, et al.)--get as far back to nature as you possibly can. It's only in nature that there is any meaning. Today's orc-run world simply drowns the clone masses in illusion and materialism and pseudo-freedoms. Take the steps necessary to find true meaning. Easier said than done, but let's be there when Mother Earth needs elf warriors.

Call to Action 29.Jul.2003 08:13

se elf

ELF. is rising. The days of direct action against those who would destroy our silent brothers is coming. The time of quiet peaceful resistance has passed. How many must die before the real fighters awake and the true liberation begins?

Your silence, your peace will change nothing. It's time the bulldozers stopped cranking, time fences got cut. It's time for something besides a forest to burn. It's time their chainsaws were used on their power poles. It's time to see how much damage a skidder can do in a new suburban development instead of a forest. It's time a log truck entered a capital building (at night) - at full speed. In this time of fanatics, only fanatical action will be noticed. Grab headlines - if you must be arrested, do as much damage to their capability to do damage to our forest brothers before you go down. You know who you are - the silent, brooding one at the back of the protest, who thinks like I do that all the shouting is just noise falling on the deaf ears of the forest rapers. Be the quiet warrior doing heroic deeds.

ELF is rising.

My Name is Sparrow 03.Nov.2004 17:19

K. Sparrow

My last name is Sparrow. This guy Sparrow sounds like someone I dream to be one day.