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North Park Blocks Radical AntiWar Rally!

We may have some special visitors tomorrow.
North Park Blocks Radical AntiWar Rally!
North Park Blocks Radical AntiWar Rally!
Did anyone else see Good Day Oregon this morning? They had footage of Portland cops in their full military-style riot gear -- a la the pepper-spraying goon squads at the Aug. 22 antiBush protest -- preparing for tomorrow's antiwar protests.

Don't cha just love how the corporate press is merely an extension of the PR departments for police and state authorities? They don't even try to put up a facade of balance anymore.

However, I doubt even Stumptown's Finest would send these crazies to mingle with the mostly mainstream folks at the waterfront rally. No, I have a feeling the black body armor boys & girls may be getting ready for us at the radical North Park Blocks antiwar rally & march at 1 pm.

Ya think?

So bring your passion, bring your voices, and bring your anger tomorrow at the North Park Blocks!

Should be a big time in PDX Land tomorrow.
one more thing... 14.Mar.2003 19:20

Brian criticalmasser@riseup.net

Also, bring your bicycle. Since the cops dont cork streets for the radical marches people should have bicycle sready to fend off any cars that may have pro-war'ers hiding behind the steering wheel eeking to take out some radicals. Anyway, there is aslo going to be a Critical Mass, so ride with us for that too. But if you dont ride the mass, wield your bicycle in an effective way and show the PPD that we can takle care of ourselves, and dont back down from their shit. Peace.Love.

Dangerous for Teens? 10.Mar.2004 23:39

Liz LightsDarkness1@aol.com

I was just curious if it would be safe for a 14 year old and a couple friends to come down to protest? My parents were a bit concerned about my safety. Is this a peaceful protest or one likely to become a riot? I prefer not to be beat down by police thank-you-very-much. So if you could please e-mail me or comment back here I would greatly appreciate it.