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Big Brother in your Baggage

Reuters: meddling government employees at TSA
Mar 14, 7:40 am ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An airline passenger has complained to U.S. authorities that a government baggage screener left a note in his suitcase criticizing his lack of patriotism after finding a "No Iraq War" sign inside his bag.
Seth Goldberg, a 41-year-old New Jersey man, said on Thursday he believes a screener with the Transportation Security Administration slipped a note into his suitcase before a March 2 flight out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

"Don't appreciate your anti-American attitude!" was neatly hand written on the standard notice TSA places inside all the bags that screeners open.

"This security person decided to let me board, but not before scolding me for being un-American," Goldberg told Reuters.

Goldberg said he thought the note was an abuse of government authority and a violation of his privacy and free-speech rights. In a letter to the TSA, he said he had thought about the incident "every day since" his flight from Seattle to San Diego.

TSA spokeswoman Heather Rosenker said the agency will get to the bottom of the incident. "We do not condone our employees making any kind of political comments or personal comments to any travelers. That is not acceptable," she said.

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