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New Poll shows Americans overwhelming Support War!

A majority of the public continues to support the United States taking military action to disarm Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein, and there is evidence of growing impatience for the action.

Polling was conducted by telephone March 11-12, 2003 in the evenings. The sample is 900 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of ± 3 percentage points. Results are of registered voters, unless otherwise noted. LV = likely voters.
A FOX News poll conducted this week finds 71 percent of Americans support using U.S. forces to disarm Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and 20 percent oppose. Support has been at about the same level for the last eight weeks.

This leads to a growing number of Americans who agree, "it's time to get it over with in Iraq." A month ago, a slim majority wanted to "stop the uncertainty," while today over two-thirds agree with the let's "get it over with" sentiment.

Additional delays in military action could reflect negatively on President Bush. If the president were to accede to the request of France and allow inspections in Iraq continue another six months, 44 percent say they would feel less favorable toward Bush compared to 28 percent who would feel more favorable. Almost 20 percent say it would make no difference. These responses are highly correlated with support for military action.

Among those who support an invasion, more than half say a delay would make them feel less favorable toward President Bush. Conversely, among war opponents, over half say they would feel more favorable toward the president if he were to give U.N. inspectors more time.

"The public continues to trust the case that the president has made on Iraq," comments Opinion Dynamics President John Gorman. "Having made the case to the public, though, Bush is now in a situation where any significant delay may appear to be backing away from the principles he has articulated."

The U.N. Security Council unanimously voted to approve Resolution 1441 to disarm Iraq about four months ago, in November 2002. If the U.N. fails to enforce its resolutions, a small majority (57 percent) thinks the United Nations will have become irrelevant.

Much fanfare was given this week to renaming items using the word French. On Capitol Hill, the House cafeteria officially renamed French fries and now calls them "freedom fries." Even so, almost half of the public (47 percent) opposes boycotting products from France and Germany because of their opposition to U.S. policies on Iraq, while four in 10 favor such a boycott. When asked about foreign aid, half of the public favors limiting U.S. financial assistance only to countries that support the United States in the war on terror (39 percent oppose).

Preventing Saddam from aiding terrorists is seen by a plurality as the most important reason to take military action. By a three-to-one margin Americans say the top reason for action is to keep Iraq from supplying weapons to terrorists, with 14 percent say the most important reason is to promote democracy and human rights and 10 percent say to secure oil supplies. Twenty percent say it is a combination of these.

The White House estimates the war, including one year of reconstruction and aid, will cost at least $60 billion dollars — or approximately $300 per U.S. taxpayer. At that price, 69 percent of Americans say it is worth it to disarm Iraq and remove Saddam and 23 percent say it's not worth it. Fully 87 percent of supporters of military action say it's worth $300/taxpayer, and even 19 percent of those who oppose action say it's worth it.

Amen! Most Americans Praying for Peace

The latest FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll shows that when it comes to their position on war with Iraq, more people are talking to a higher power than government representatives.

A large majority (81 percent) of the public reports they have said a prayer for peace in recent weeks. Last week at President Bush's second evening press conference since taking office, he told reporters that he prays daily and that, "there are thousands of people who pray for me." The poll finds 61 percent of Americans say they have prayed for President Bush in the last few weeks.

Equal numbers of supporters and opponents of military action say they have recently prayed for peace, while supporters of action are 25 percentage points more likely than opponents to have prayed for Bush.

Just over one in 10 say they have contacted an elected official about their position on the war and, even fewer people (three percent), report having participated in one of the recent anti-war protests. Some Americans see the anti-war protests as an effective tool in stopping war, but most think the protests do more to make the participants feel better than bring about the objective (16 percent to 70 percent).

As has been the case in other recent FOX News surveys, a majority thinks the United States is definitely going to war with Iraq. When asked if there is "any way for the United States to avoid war with Iraq," less than one-third believe that war can be prevented; almost twice as many (62 percent) think war is inevitable.

Polling was conducted by telephone March 11-12, 2003 in the evenings. The sample is 900 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of ± 3 percentage points. Results are of registered voters, unless otherwise noted. LV = likely voters.

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Whatever 14.Mar.2003 10:14

dupe ya

faux news

Yeh 14.Mar.2003 10:27

Truth Serum

We got numbers! Numbers numbers numbers!

Americans support the war. Americans support bush. Americans want corporate subsidies.

--Brought to you by the people who fixed the election

71 percent of Americans support WAR? 14.Mar.2003 10:30


sounds like bush is listen to the public, despite what the walking un-bathed, Flea Sanctuaries holding protest signs are saying.

Ignorant People Suport the War 14.Mar.2003 11:47


Did you actually read the survey questions? Talk about leading questions. Any social scientist would laugh his or her ass off at this being portrayed as any sort of legitimate indicator of opinion. But, since you brought it up... other results:

People surveyed who have never heard of Jacques Chirac: 46%

People surveyed who have never heard of Gerhard Schroeder: 58%

So, ignorant people seem to support the war... well, thanks FOX news, but I already knew that...

And by the way, I got a kick out of the estimate of war costing taxpayers $300... Hilarious... well, I guess people are in for a shock...

Not Going to Fret it. 14.Mar.2003 12:22

Dizzy Guevara dzybrd35@cs.com

First off I'm not quite sure what a troll is? I notice the people on this site make references about them but I'm still a little fuzzy as to what it all means. I notice "troll" is used to describe one who takes time out of his/her day to write hatefull comments on the message board. I assume this person or people get a real kick out of writing such articles. Much like the kick i used to get out of harrassing people on internet chat rooms when I was, oh let me think, about 13. Or maybe this person prides their work. Compliments themselves to none other but themselves and then continues to pat their own pack. Perhaps in the longest stretch this "troll" person is paid by the government. If this is indeed case my confindence in this govenment has grown even weaker. And if this is all a cracknut team of government propaganda psychologists can come up with, well to be frank it's actually quite sad. Because My first guess is that these comments are not intended to break our unity because I think they recognize that our unity can't be broken. It's the toll they have on every individual. It's the ever lasting nagging presence that seems to overwhelming. The emotion that i sometimes feel when I click on the Fox news network and think to myself, "geez these people are so hatefull and powerful. How could our perpetual fight ever render victory." Well if we ignore this forceful feeling by turning off our television this feeling can't effect us. So logically they bring the feeling here. It rings like a little voice much like a heckler in the back of a show. The more you think about what say the louder the voice gets. It's self destructive and frankly I'm too intellegent for it to effect me in a negative way. And frankly I think the rest of the loyal patrons to this site are also too intellegent to be effected by this "heckling". So if I was a "heckler" myself I would say to "THE heckler" that your work is a waste of time. Either one you're a putz with an internet connection and nothing better to do. Or you're a badly trained government employee. You probably don't get much recognition for what you do and you shouldn't. And if you do get recognition please know it's all contrived because what you do is petty and so are you for that matter! Do you honestly think that your heckling does a damn thing? Remember what ever you do or say, I'm a step ahead. Because I'm smarter than you and that'll never change.

tragic and pathetic. 14.Mar.2003 12:39

this thing here

it's beyond me. this is one of the most shameful, pathetic, disgusting and evil reasons to ever go to war:

"ohh goddamit, i'm geting tired of waiting. waaa WAAAA. i want some war. let's get it over with."

this is disgusting and undefensible. in fact, it's chillingly evil.


secondly, 100.1% of america could be behind this war, and it could still be a bad idea and end up a complete and total failure. only fools equate poll support with eventual success...

wait a minute... 14.Mar.2003 12:51


Last time I checked, 63% of Americans DID NOT support the death penalty. Are we sure this group of 900 interviewees was randomly selected, because the article sure doesn't say so!

Dizzy, you elitist you... 14.Mar.2003 13:40



if you have to say twice in your rant, that you are smarter than everyone, who you don't agree with, well, who knows,but one thing for sure, you aren't wiser..

Oh, and I like the "stick your head in the sand, so Fox News won't hurt so bad" idea. Did you think that one up all by yourself?

Wait until you are 40 years old, before you think you have all the answers to lifes problems. You will find out you don't, and you never did..

Dumb 14.Mar.2003 15:25


Three obs.

1. Polling data is useless - it is too easily manipulated to be worth anything. That goes for polling numbers for anti-war stuff in Europe too. The only way to guage it to look at the people who take to the streets - and to talk to neighbors and others. Polls are political tools.

2. Americans are dumb, especially when it comes to anything outside of America. Many seem to be convinced that Saddam was involved in the 9-11 attacks; or that at least some number of the hijackers were Iraqi. This is easily blamed on the schools - constructed as preperation for working in a factory, not being an informed citizen. Note that no significant efforts have been made at a federal level to improve schools beyond a very low threshold - uninformed people are easier to manipulate with sanctimonious manichean thinking.

3. It's time for everyone to reread Henrik Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People." Just remember - Hitler was popular too!

My problem? 14.Mar.2003 16:01


My problem will be dealt with in a few short days.

I will be sitting back watching the show unfold on my 35 Sony, and for every one million dollar cruise missile that is launched, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that was one million dollars borrowed against your grand children, which after interest payments, that will be about 5 million in today's money not wasted on social programs.

If the general population of this website is a sample of the results of 40 years of do-good social engineering, where US has spent over 1 Trillion dollars on the Great Society that LBJ conceived. And the progressives have ran that money thru the Salad Shooter and the pieces fell on the compost heap of good intentions, then I say BOMBS AWAY!

Well, my tribe is in charge now, so when the war starts next week, you are coming along for the ride, kicking and screaming, biting and squealing, but you are coming along like it or not..

Naiveté 14.Mar.2003 17:31

Proletariat Promotions, Inc.

blinds one to the precariousness, indeed the downright fragile nature of power abstracted from its source. Given the collapse of consent, no amount of psychological warfare nor bald-faced thuggery can stop the resounding rebound of tyranny to the bottom--or, that is, equality--of the heap. Welcome to mid-Amerika asshole, get a load of how the rest of us live. Who did you steal your 35-inch Sony from? Is that a substitute for your cock, or don't you beat off at all? Guess who made your substitute cock; it certainly wasn't produced by ignorant automatons such as yourself.


Proletariat Promotions, Inc.

you will swing asf 14.Mar.2003 20:16

knot man

make me motherfucker....make me. come to my door...come into my yard....and make me....I will feed you to the flys.

'asf' reveals self 14.Mar.2003 20:34

nothing lasts forever

"my tribe is in charge now"

the harder they come, the harder they fall . . .
'asf' reveals self
'asf' reveals self

* 14.Mar.2003 20:49



You are coming along for the ride! 14.Mar.2003 21:28


You are coming along for the ride!

If you live in the US, then you are locked in the car, and you are coming along for the ride, kicking and screaming, begging, howling and squealing, but you are coming along.

George is about to make you his Bitch, and you may not like it, but you will learn to live with it.

(Squeal boys, I like it when you squeal... .)

Who did you steal your 35-inch Sony from? 14.Mar.2003 21:39


Who did you steal your 35-inch Sony from?

why you of course. I stole it from you, along with the millions that would have when to all of the social blowjobs you would have had, but now is going to bombs..

I plan on picking your socialist bones clean...

American Fascists will get theirs 14.Mar.2003 22:28


"You are coming along for the ride!"

Wrong cocksucker you and other Fascists patriots are gonna get sent on a real ride--back to hell where you came from.

"If you live in the US, then you are locked in the car, and you are coming along for the ride, kicking and screaming, begging, howling and squealing, but you are coming along."

Your "car" will have its windows kicked out and its tired slashed and its rusty hull sent on fire. This is what the future will look like for your American evil Empire.

"George is about to make you his Bitch, and you may not like it, but you will learn to live with it.
(Squeal boys, I like it when you squeal... .)"

The voice you hear squealing is your own and that of other Chickenhawk fascists who will cry for their mother as the war will be brought home here in the belly of the America.
American Fascists will get theirs
American Fascists will get theirs

yes, American Fascists WILL get theirs . . . 14.Mar.2003 22:56

The Reaper

yes, American Fascists WILL get theirs . . .
yes, American Fascists WILL get theirs . . .