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Eugene Middle School Students Walk in War Protest

On March 13, group of approxiametely 40 students at Roosevelt Middle School in Eugene, Oregon, walked out of school in protest of U.S. policy on Iraq.
On the afternoon of March 13, a group of approxiametely 40 students walked out of classes at Roosevelt Middle School in Eugene to protest the Bush regime's policies concerning Iraq. Many of these students have been actively involved in ongoing protests against Bush and company. Several have also been involved in a number of ongoing union struggles in the area, including the newest proposal by the school district to save funds by laying off custodians, maintenance workers, and kitchen workers, and contracting out the jobs. The Lane County IWW would like to give these kids a big salute for their courage and for doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, principal Morley Hegstrom has chosen *not* to do the wrong thing. These students were cited for a "major" offence, and there is talk of possible suspensions. A "major" would also deprive eighth-grade students of being able to attend their final student activity night at the end of the term. Please call principal Hegstrom at 541-687-3227 and superintendent George Russell at 541-687-3321 to let them know what you think. Call early and often-- the child you save from being cannon fodder may be your own!

address: address: 454 Willamette, ste. 213

Principal Is Responsible For Student Safety 14.Mar.2003 21:00


Your article has failed to mention that the students
left the school grounds. Get your facts straight.
The last thing a parent wants is to have his or her
child walking around town when they're supposedly
in school. The principal did the right thing.

Kids did NOT leave school grounds 15.Mar.2003 10:50

informed parent

Wrong! The kids stayed on school grounds until after school. Why would you post this untrue information?

I was there! 15.Mar.2003 11:05

A participant in the protest

I know for a fact that the children did NOT leave the school grounds until after 3pm when school is out. We were very responsible and no rules were broken except for the obvious: leaving class. All of us were well aware of the consecuences and decided that fighting for our beliefs is still important enough. I wish that you wouldn't post outright lies about my friends and I. The protest was great and we got pretty nice media coverage. You should know that we'll probably do it again some day.