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Human Shields 'Treasonous'

I would like congress and the Department of Justice to look into Americans headed to or already in Iraq to offer themselves as "human shields."
I believe that Americans who go to Iraq are committing treasonous acts. The full force of the law must be applied to those American citizens who give aid or comfort to our enemies.

It is my opinion that any American who voluntarily engages in conduct to impede a potential American military operation, and who thereby endangers the lives of our nation's men and women in uniform, is participating in a program designed to weaken the power of the United States to wage war successfully. I strongly believe efforts to impede a potential military operation against Iraq should be strongly dealt with and I am seeking your assistance in this matter.

Our constitution and federal legal structure do not allow Americans to actively aid nations or groups engaged in hostilities with the United States. The recent conviction of American John Walker Lindh for his assistance with Al Qaeda is just one such example.

The Justice Department must make a statement formally notifying Americans engaged in such conduct of the legal risks they are about to assume. In January, Iraq announced that it was bringing in several groups from Arab, European nations and the United States to act as human shields. Just this weekend, several British war protesters, who traveled from London to Baghdad to act as human shields, returned to England, saying that they feared for their safety. Supporters of the movement said they thought they could prevent a war if several thousand people acted as shields but only a few dozen showed up.

The United States has previously said that using civilians as human shields is a war crime. The government needs to but a stop to Americans aiding the enemy.
treasonous? 14.Mar.2003 09:18


What I call treason is the fact that our pResident is going the opinions of not only our international allies, but also of his own people. Let's face it we are all human shields for the imperialist motives of the US. We are all collateral damage, and our pResident is willing to risk our safety to achieve his agenda. Do you think he thinks that he will end terror by imposing more terror? Probably not. He sees job security, if not for his presidency then for his economic interests once he is out of the white house. I don't think that being a human shield is that great of an idea, I am worth much more to the movement alive, and our gov't obviously doesn't have a problem with murdering innocents, but I support the bravery and creativity involved.

Saddman 14.Mar.2003 09:30

Cointel-pro me2@privacy.net

Hehe. that is funny. I don't know about you, but volunteering to go sit around in a hospital or school and get treated like royalty while the Iraq people around you starve.....I dunno, that just doesn't sound a whole lot like courage to me.

If these people had volunteered to go sit on top of a definite target like a munitions depot or an anti-aircraft battery...well, that would be closer, but I would define that as suicide rather than courage.

Perhaps if they had offered to lead a protest against Saddam Hussein through downtown Baghdad...YES, I believe that could be defined as courage.

What they are actually doing is nothing. It is a show for the cameras. A parade through Baghdad in support of a dictator. It is a way for them to feel useful and gain publicity for their cause, while risking nothing and accomplishing about as much. The only danger they're in is of maybe pissing off Saddam enough that he'll have them executed instead of deported, and even the chances of that are pretty slim. Where is the courage in that?

Perhaps this group really supports saddams payment plan for human bombers? Maybe moving the money in and out for him? I dunno.

? In April 2002, Saddam Hussein increased from $10,000 to $25,000 the money offered to families of Palestinian suicide/homicide bombers. The rules for rewarding suicide/homicide bombers are strict and insist that only someone who blows himself up with a belt of explosives gets the full payment. Payments are made on a strict scale, with different amounts for wounds, disablement, death as a "martyr" and $25,000 for a suicide bomber. Mahmoud Besharat, a representative on the West Bank who is handing out to families the money from Saddam, said, "You would have to ask President Saddam why he is being so generous. But he is a revolutionary and he wants this distinguished struggle, the intifada, to continue."


where do these folks come from? 14.Mar.2003 09:43

I smell bacon!

About half of the messages on indymedia nowadays are ultra right-wing notes, and many more are neo-liberal cast-offs. Hooray for free publishing! I don't mind at all the posting- it is great for a laugh!

treason and war crimes 14.Mar.2003 09:44


I also believe that those who "give aid and comfort to our enemies" are committing a grievous act, possibly treason. If you are a working class person living on this earth, then your enemies are those who would rob you of your freedom, rob the earth of its resources, send you and your children off to war, live off the sweat and blood of your labor, and send in armed thugs to club and beat you when you cry out for justice.

Those who give aid and comfort to your enemies are the police, the corporate media, and the blind, would-be do-gooders who can't see beyond what their "leaders" are telling them.

Treason. Using wealth and privilege to steal the American election, and then bringing about war and desolation while wrapped in the American flag, that is treason.

I, too, believe those who commit war crimes must be punished. Dropping bombs on human beings for personal and/or political gain is a war crime. Destroying a people's infrastructure to purposefully cause lingering death and disease among innocent civilians is a war crime. Intentionally causing starvation and famine without a thought is a war crime. Lying about "weapons of mass destruction" in order to use American and Iraqi soldiers and civilians as pawns in your power game is a war crime. Killing human beings and then dismissing it as "collateral damage" is a war crime. Writing pathetic jokes on bombs about to be dropped on children in the streets of Baghdad is a war crime. Following orders to kill when you know in your heart that it's wrong is a war crime. Selfishly bringing the world to the brink of destruction while you sit idly in a bunker munching on pretzels is a war crime.

George W Bush is a war criminal, actively engaged in hostilities against the american people and all the peoples of the planet earth. He and those with their hands upon his puppet strings are traitors, criminals, murderers. This is the Truth, and the Truth shall set us free.

Treasonous to who? 14.Mar.2003 09:49


If you saw GWB as our lawful ruler and thought that he was protecting us in a denfensive war that might be true.

But GWB is not our president and this is not a defensive war, it is an illegal and immoral law of agression.

It is YOU who are Treasonous to the Human Race.

Like the Nazis before you, you too will go.

The Coward 14.Mar.2003 09:50


If American citizens wish to put themselves in harms way to protest what they perceive as an illegal, immoral imperialistic war then they are obviously guided by a moral compass that transcends flag waving jingoism. I applaud the person that is willing to risk their life for their beliefs.
I dont agree with the theology that appealed to John Walker Lindh, however I do respect his bravery. How many of the mtv generation do you see swarming to military recruiters for their war.

predictably 14.Mar.2003 11:57


The right winger(s) always do lots of posting before any large protest... Which is kinda silly, since I think it just makes more people realize that they need to make a stand... so thanks, for all the spamming and trolling, we'll make sure to put on a spectaculr protest tomorrow.

Treason Defines the Bu$h Administration 14.Mar.2003 12:04

if you're not awake now, you never will be

List of **Traitors** to the American Constitutional Republic:



and wanton **destruction** thereof.

Oliver North
George W. Bu$h
George Herbert Walker Bu$h
John Negroponte
Donald Rum$feld
Richard Secord
Elliott Abrams
Richard Perle
Condoleezza Rice
Paul Wolfowitz
Frank Carlucci
John Poindexter
Dick Cheney
John Ashcroft
Tom Ridge


(war crimes, conflicts of interest, blackmail, rigging of elections, embezzlement, violating domestic and international laws, making coalitions with organized crime, lying under oath, supporting dictatorships, etc. are *separate* charges . . .)