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Boycott "Made in France" Goods and Services Send a Message to France

FRANCE IS NO FRIEND OF THE US. As Americans, we as individuals can send our own message to France by immediately boycotting ALL "Made in France" goods services. Hit them where it hurts...their wallets.
They accuse the United States of turning this into just an oil war, yet fail to disclose the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars they stand to gain from contracts by helping to keep Saddam in power. It seems they would rather trade with a known mass murderer than to act morally or support an ally. Their hypocrisy is shameless!!! I would say they need to take a good long look into the mirror before making accusations.

France should enjoy their world spotlight and 15 minutes of fame while it lasts because it is about to abruptly end. I urge all Americans to France send our own message by immediately boycotting ALL "Made in France" goods. Any country that would rather do business with Iraq than with US is no friend or ally.

March 11 , 2003. Today it was reported that severe earthquakes have
occurred in 10 different locations in France. The severity was measured
in excess of 10 on the Richter Scale. The cause was the 56,681 dead
American soldiers buried in French soil rolling over in their graves.

According to the American Battle Monuments Commission there are 26,255
American dead from World War I buried in 4 cemeteries in France.

There are 30,426 American dead from World War II buried in 6 cemeteries
in France.

These 56,681 brave American heroes died in their youth to
liberate a country, which is guilty of shameful unspeakable behavior in
the 21st century.

May the United States of America never forget their sacrifice as we
find ways to forcefully deal with the Godforsaken unappreciative,
forgetful country of France!
French = Freedom 14.Mar.2003 07:36

Support Peace

I just bought a case of Bordeaux, which I'll be sharing with some friends after this weekend's peace rallies. Maybe time for some brie and baguettes, too.

Hard-ons all around! 14.Mar.2003 07:42


Yeah! Bomb France! Teach them Frogs a lesson! Sack Paris! Rape the catacombs! Dig up the corpse of De Gualle and piss on it! YEAH! AMERICA ROCKS! YEAH!

France - No War For Oil Country 14.Mar.2003 09:10

anonymous me9@privacy.net


French President Jacques Chirac stood accused last night of being a blood brother of Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein.

Factual Error 14.Mar.2003 09:12


<yet fail to disclose the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars they stand to gain from contracts by helping to keep Saddam in power>

They would have more to gain if they cooperated with the Bush Junta. Just think, The Turks couldn't be bought for 26 billion dollars. Bush would have been willing to divide up the loot.

Not every society thinks in terms of short term gain. There are still leaders who understand DEMOCRACY, there are still people who cannot be BOUGHT, who don't put international law up for sale to the highest BID.

rupert murdoch is an asshole 14.Mar.2003 14:25


He owns the Sun, crap tabloid that it is.

He also owns the NY Post, and they're the ones that pictured the French and German UN representatives as weasels.

Yo, troll freeper freak, don't you realize that your shit smells so bad it backfires? No one is fooled. If anything, you only make our views more clear, and as we move forward, we thank you for your help in showing us just how much of an asshole people like Murdoch are. Only the most ignorant would buy into the smear of equating the leaders. It's slime. Nothing more. And it makes anyone pushing it look like a retard.

Looking to buy some brie this weekend 14.Mar.2003 14:29

Boycot American Cheese

I think some brie and baggette sounds excelent. Also I dropped a note to the French Embassy yesterday telling them that I support their stance on Iraq. If anyone doesn't approve, go fuck yourselves.

we must do more! 14.Mar.2003 15:11

The One True b!X

Hey, if we were really serious about dissing the French, we'd pack up the Statue of Liberty and send it back to them.

Hell, it's not as if we exactly deserve it these days anyway.

France is our long time friend! 14.Mar.2003 15:36


If it wasn't for French help we might well still be British. The French provided significant military help to the Americans in their campaign against the British, and supplies of French gunpowder are widely believed to have secured the decisive American victory at Saratoga in 1777. Not to mention the statue of liberty that was their gift to us. Why not propose sending back you right wing morons?

Support France 14.Mar.2003 18:12

Ed Harley

I, too, will be going out of my way to purchase ONLY French-made goods, and I will be reminding all of my good American friends to do the same.

Silly Freepers, Politics is for Thinkers! 14.Mar.2003 19:12

Tee Hee

Keep up that "Freedom Fries" shit! You're making yourselves the laughingstock of world politics with your childish outbursts. Who needs to debunk your rants, when you're oput there commiting suicide?

A brilliant new plan for world peace:
1. Rightwingnuts spend all their time thinking up new
childish hissy-fits to throw.
2. The rest of the violence-prone extremists (and, indeed,
the rest of the world) is too busy laughing to do
anything naughty.
You're a genius!

boycott blowjobs 14.Mar.2003 21:45


blowjobs are basically the best invention the french came up with.

so how many are in favor of boycotting blowjobs? Just tell your girlfriend, or wife, sorry honey, I'm boycotting the french, and the blowjob is a french invention, and it just wouldn't be right. maybe after the war...

America's Flailing Francophobes 15.Mar.2003 13:14

Thomas Fleming

March 13, 2003

by Thomas Fleming

Neoconservative hatemongers are stirring up the Francophobic bigotry that lies just beneath the surface of the American mind. Not content with hurling the charge of anti-Semitism against anyone who wins an argument with Bill Kristol (the line would extend around the world) or happens to have something (a foundation, a magazine, a job) they want, neoconservatives who have never fired a pellet gun or put on a pair of boxing gloves are deriding the French for cowardice and calling for boycotts against French wine. The assembled patriots and heroes of the House of Representatives, not wanting to be outdone, have even renamed the French fries and French toast served in their sumptuous, tax-subsidized restaurant. I hope they also rename French doughnuts, which used to be known as German doughnuts, before an earlier set of chauvinist cretins changed the name.

What a country.

Picking on the French is a natural reflex for Americans. Our British ancestors, after conquering France in the entirely futile and unjust Hundred Years War, demonized their victims and burned Joan of Arc, one of the greatest women in our history, at the stake as witch. The French have been fair game ever since. Although France was the boldest military nation in Europe of the past 500 years, English novelists consistently represented French characters as mincing aesthetes tradition brilliantly satirized by W.S. Gilbert in Ruddigore, in which a hearty British sailor represents a British privateer's decision to flee a French frigate as a gallant action:

For to fight a French fal lal,
It's like hitting of a gal.
It's a lubberly thing for to do.
And we with all our faults,
We were sturdy British salts,
Who took pity on the poor polly-vous,
Do you see
We took pity on the poor polly-vous.

Ruddigore was written over a hundred years before Rupert Murdoch created the Weekly Standard as one of his weapons in his campaign to undermine the United States.

Anti-French hysteria reached its peak in Mark Twain's worst book, Innocents Abroad, and old Mark—Confederate deserter turned court jester to the plutocrats—could always get a laugh by playing to the lowest qualities of the American character—our hatred of every excellence we are incapable of. If the French are the most civilized nation on earth, so much the worse for civilization. "Mankind," he used to say, "is somewhere between the angels and the French."

In Twain's case, the humor is both faux-naif and two-edged, aimed as much at himself and his countrymen as at the sophisticated foreigners, and his Joan of Arc is a remarkably sympathetic depiction of the French saint. On the other hand, the neoconservatives and their pseudo-conservative allies—Messers Limbaugh and O'Reilly—are no laughing matter. They could not tell a joke to save their lives; their knowledge of the world outside the petty urban hells in which they are confined approaches zero; and their patriotism is on par with their moral conscience.

Why do I say they are not patriotic? A patriot loves his nation and his people. Neoconservatives hate the real America. At best, we represent a four-hour delay between appointments in New York and Los Angeles; at worst, we are pitchfork-wielding rednecks, fundamentalists, kukluxers, wobblies, and Coughlinites who prefer reruns of The A-Team to reruns of Friends. We buy our clothes at Marshall's instead of Saks or Brooks Brothers. We still eat fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy for Sunday dinner, and we drink tap water, for goodness sake, not Evian (made in France!).

They want our boys and girls to die for their political schemes, but you will never find a neoconservative in combat. Norman Podhoretz was in the army, but to fathom the depth of neoconservative contempt for America, you have only to read the account of his days in the army in Making It (what, I wonder, is the "it" in question? I have never heard that Norman ever made anything—not a poem, not a house, not a model airplane—except a fool of himself.)

I succeeded in staying out of the military during the Vietnam War, and I would never assume the right to tell others to do a "duty" that I shirked. So much for patriotism—and moral conscience. Even in little matters the neoconservatives display their immorality. They are always in favor of bombing, embargoing, and boycotting anyone they disagree with. The fact that the US bombing of Yugoslavia killed as many people as Serbs and Albanians were killed in the preceding year of ethnic strife in Kosovo means nothing to them. The fact that as many as half a million Iraqi children have died as a direct result of the embargo on Iraq that they support is all the fault of Saddam Hussein. The fact that French farmers, businessmen, and workers, whose political views we know nothing of, will be hurt by any boycott of French products will not trouble the "consciences" of people who have never been to a farm, run a business, or done a day of honest work in their lives.

I love my country, knowing all the limitations and frailties of the American people, and I respect and admire the French, who have been a far greater nation than we shall ever be, that is, if greatness means anything loftier than money and bombs. Jacques Chirac, whom I have for many years regarded as the least admirable of French politicians, is now showing greater courage than Mitterand, national socialist though he was, ever mustered. He is playing a dangerous game. If he loses, France will return to the American kennel as a whipped dog, but if he wins, De Gaulle's dream of an independent France within an independent Europe might actually be realized. Such a result would be good for France, good for Europe, and good for the United States, which would have to give up the neoconservative fantasy of global hegemony.

God bless America!

Vive la France.