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Tillamook Senate Hearing Monday March 24

Please Plan to attend the Tillamook Hearing: On March 24th, Oregon Senate's Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will have a hearing on SB 430.

SB 430: Directs State Forester to manage 50 percent of Tillamook and
Clatsop State Forests with goal of protecting nonconsumptive uses.
This is your chance to support the Tillamook Rainforest!
Come to a hearing on SB 430-March 24, 8 am

Just a few hours will make all the difference. You can testify or come and
show support by listening to the testimony.

Senate Bill 430

Sponsored by Senator RINGO, Representative DINGFELDER; Senator


Directs State Forester to manage 50 percent of Tillamook and
Clatsop State Forests with goal of protecting nonconsumptive
uses. Allows State Forester to increase timber harvest to
prevent losses in funding to county governments and schools if
reductions in forest revenues occur.

Carpools: We have carpools from Portland leaving the Sierra Club office at 29th and SE Stark at 7AM sharp. Call 503-224-3472 for more information.

Location of hearing: At the Capitol building 900 Court Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301
Information Desk: 503-986-1388

Senate Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee:
Frank Shields, Chair, Portland (D )
Roger Beyer, Vice Chair, Molalla (R)
Tony Corcoran, Cottage Grove (D)
Bill Fisher, Roseburg (R)

8 am-9:30 am, Monday, March 24, 2003
Walk into the front door of the Capitol and ask at the information desk
where the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee hearing on SB
430 is located in the Capitol building.

Check out the SB Bill 430 at
< http://www.leg.state.or.us/03reg/measures/sb0400.dir/sb0430.intro.html>

Get background information by looking at
www.TillamookRainforest.org or

People to call with questions:
Sybil Ackerman, Audubon Society of Portland, 503-292-6855 ext 110,

For carpool information simply show up or if you have questions call/email

Donald Fontenot, Outreach Director,

Tillamook Rainforest Coalition, 503-224-3472 or


Submitting testimony:
Please submit 25 copies of written testimony on SB 430 (but still come even
if you don't have time to write testimony). We included a sample letter you

can use as a guide. If you represent an organization and you do not have
time to write a separate letter simply sign onto this sample letter that
will be submitted as testimony during the hearing. Contact Sybil Ackerman by Friday at noon on March 21st if your organization will sign on to the sample letter.

Lobby day:
The hearing is the same day as OLCV's environmental lobby day. If you would like to stay the whole day and attend exciting workshops about lobbying, listen
to Governor Kulongoski and Bill Bradbury speak, and have a chance to learn
more about environmental issues in Oregon call Maja at the Oregon
Conservation Network at 503-224-4011.


Sample Letter on SB 430:
The Tillamook Rainforest is important for clean water, recreation, fish and
wildlife. Only forty minutes from Portland and minutes from Oregon's coast,
the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests also give neighboring communities
clean water and a stable economic future. SB 430 focuses on ensuring a
balance between the needs of all interests over time by allowing for a
steady income to counties and schools while at the same time providing
adequate protection for clean water, fish and wildlife. This bill- the 50/50
Plan-proposes that half of the state forest clearly prioritize protection of
fish, wildlife and clean water and the other half continue to be logged in
the manner currently employed. This bill does not lock up the forest because it allows logging in areas that are prioritized for clean water, fish and wildlife.
It simply requires that first priority be given to the needs of non-consumptive uses in 50% of the state forest. Currently, economic considerations over time can trump concerns for wildlife or other issues anywhere in the state forest and we think this paradigm should change. We believe that there should be some key areas in the Tillamook Rainforest that expressly have a first purpose of protecting clean water, fish and wildlife. SB 430 satisfies this desire. It is a balanced plan for economic growth and environmental stewardship.

A question that many people ask is whether the county governments and
schools will be irreparably harmed economically if 50% of the state forest
is protected for clean water, fish and wildlife. SB 430 expressly states
that the counties and schools will continue to get the same average income
that they received during the last decade. An economic review conducted by
Ruder and Power (2003) found that protecting half of the state forest would
still allow 112 million board feet to be produced. This is actually 26% higher than the average from the past decade, which was 89 million board
feet. SB 430 therefore will not cause a loss in jobs or wealth from the
1990's. An increase to 112 million board feet is reasonable and can allow
for adequate protection of clean water, fish and wildlife and jobs. In
contrast, the counter proposal by some counties to triple the amount of
logging to 279 million board feet is drastically larger than historic
levels. We believe our proposal is a reasonable increase in logging and
allows for true balanced protection of all interests over time.

Protecting 50% of the state forest for clean water, fish and wildlife is not
arbitrary. We believe that focusing on half of the state forest protects
the most important hotspots. A review of the available scientific
literature shows that there are certain areas with great importance that
total approximately half of the state forest. In addition, protecting half
of the state forest continues to allow for an economic base that is greater
than historic levels. We believe that finding both an economic and
environmental balance is critical-one interest should not trump the other.
Our plan allows for a true balance.

Thank you for taking the time to hear testimony on this important issue. We
request your full support of SB 430.


"Your contact information"

Thanks for your continued support:

Donald Fontenot
Outreach Director
Tillamook Rainforest Coalition

721 NW Ninth Avenue, Suite 280
Portland, OR 97209
Ph) 503-224-3472
Cell) 503-819-9044
Fax) 503-222-1805

homepage: homepage: http://www.audubonportland.org/cons/state.html
phone: phone: 503-224-3472
address: address: www.TillamookRainforest.org