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Oil stocks are at a 27 year low! Anti-war poster: cheaper gas

11 x 17 poster
Oil stocks are at a 27 year low! Anti-war poster: cheaper gas
Oil stocks are at a 27 year low! Anti-war poster: cheaper gas
Oil stocks are at a 27 year low.

This fact was mentioned a few minutes ago on a satellite TV business news program that I was watching.

Here's an article about oil from today's news:  http://www.msnbc.com/news/884631.asp?cp1=1

Excerpts: VIENNA, Austria, March 13 A surge in world oil output last month has left producer countries with too little spare capacity to fully offset a wartime halt in supplies from Iraq, the International Energy Agency warned. International oil markets are "running on empty" as war clouds gather again in the Persian Gulf, the agency said in its monthly oil market report. "A further supply disruption would tax a system operating at close to capacity," the report said.

Here is more information about the oil crisis behind the coming war:

The Coming Global Oil Crisis


The site links to official government data.

*** CJ Campbell is a Petroleum Geologist who, in December of 2000 (*before* the tragic attack on the World Trade Center) predicted a U.S. oil war.

*** Lecture notes:


*** Lecture video:


*** Introduction in German, keep watching for English.

One of the best resources for information about war in the Middle East is the website of the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace. Its great strength is preservation of media articles to create an up-to-date historical record, particularly about Palestine/Israel and Iraq. The website is here:


Poster location:  http://web.webaccess.net/~rtmyers/iww/cheapergas.jpg

Disclaimer: The Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace is not associated with Dr. Campbell or with "The Coming Global Oil Crisis", but as a CCMEP supporter I wish for everyone to be aware of these important issues.
oil king boy 13.Mar.2003 22:27


oil king boy
oil king boy

Good one 14.Mar.2003 04:45


> this is a guy who could not find oil in texas


But do keep in mind that oil depletion kicks in, as the original poster hinted at... two thirds of the US oil is gone already (almost no new wells are drilled), and the rest of the world is not much better.

(for instance the oil junta in the US' driver seat currently is about to invade irak for its 112Gb.. but 112Gb is only 4 years of world oil consumption).

At this point it's not just "activist" or "anarchist" to leave the crowded cities and go grow your own food ina garden, it's soon gonna be a matter of survival..