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Treason Shields booted, as they cannot follow any countries instructions

Volunteers who went to Iraq to serve as Treason shields, including two Treasonist Americans, were forced out of the country because they were critical of the government's choice of sites to protect, the head of the group said Wednesday.

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Personally, I feel that Treason Shields returning from Iraq to the United States should be treated as enemy combatants and handled under United States treasons laws.

My hope is that individuals, corporations, and countries will know that to buttress Iraq or Terrorism will not be tolerated in this new world of peace via the removal or terrorism and anti-societal behavior and unions.

The United States is trying to stop terrorism and aide the world. However, we are continually being beaten down by those that the US has aided and profit from living or doing business within the United States. An example would be our continuing aid to Russia, foreign visas for students of Germany, open trade with Mexico, Import of products from France, etc, etc...

Debate in congress needs to occur so that are former allies see that we are not an open bleeding hart checkbook walk on me country that is not beyond action and sanctions against those that oppose us and threaten our security.

The Treason Shields need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and all US assets frozen so that they cannot further aid the enemy.


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Laff laff laff 13.Mar.2003 11:23


"New world of peace." HAWWWW HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA HA HA.

Nice try, troll. HAW.

I think its spelled Laugh not Laff. 13.Mar.2003 11:36


next time use a spell checker..

Reich 84 13.Mar.2003 12:27

Smokey DeBear

"The Treason Shields need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and all US assets frozen so that they cannot further aid the enemy."

Try IT STUPID, you will find us a little bit harder to take on than attacking a country you are on your knees begging to destroy its weapons before you attack it.

Now puff up boy.

to 'REX-84' and 'gf' 13.Mar.2003 12:33


the human shield movement is international--

with citizens from dozens of nationalities participating.

there's a lot more of them, than you.

Nixon's list 13.Mar.2003 12:58


Being accused of treason by the American right is an honor even better than making Nixon's hit list.

The US has already lost. All you can do is invade and kill, we will never let up on you, and we are the world. If you want to travel dig another level to you're bunker.

Title search 13.Mar.2003 13:06

R. Baldwin

"Treason Shields booted, as they cannot follow any countries instructions" your title says it all you don't understand. In the free world countries follow the will of the people, NOT the people following the orders of government.

The big difference here 13.Mar.2003 13:41


If IRAQ were attacking US it would be different.
But WE are attaching THEM.
The sheilds are trying to protect a weak country from a strong aggressor.
The sheilds are risking their lives for others and are getting nothing in return. They may not be perfect. Some of them will chicken out.

Our own so called leaders, who push for this unjust aggressive war, chickened out of Vietnam. GW did not even see fit to comeplete the hitch his daddy set up for him in the national guard. He went awol.

A human shield has far more guts that GWB ever dreamed of. How you could follow a man like that is beyond me.

we dont need no steenking leaders 13.Mar.2003 13:56

intergalactic mermaid

yeah!!! to people who listen to themselves rather than puffed up dangerous greedy insidious sinister politicians of any country- and all countries.

politics is all about who controls and who will be controlled.

i do not advocate working against the government, i advocate ignoring ot to the greatest extent possible and working diligently to heal, grow, and teach so a healthey world can regrow and flourish.

if i refuse to spend money, does this mean i am disrupting commerce and government institutions and constitute the definion of terrorism under the new and imporoved usa patriot act?

viva le france 13.Mar.2003 16:27


vou le vou zig zig?
viva le france
viva le france

wet dreams and jack-offs 13.Mar.2003 18:25


Maybe if your worldview comes around, Rex-84, you'll be put in charge of FEMA concentration camps and execute programs like REX84.

Do you have a picture of Oliver North under your pillow?

rex, rex, rexx 14.Mar.2003 00:45


Are you trying to make your so-called 'mainstream American' views appear as insane and unAmerican as possible?

>My hope is that individuals, corporations, and countries >will know that to buttress Iraq or Terrorism will not be >tolerated in this new world of peace via the removal or >terrorism and anti-societal behavior and unions.

Yeah. Sieg...