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Stickers for anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

For background information about Free, his case or his outrageous 22.5 year sentence for burning three SUVs, see the website below.
Stickers for anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers
Stickers for anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers
Hello friends of Free,

We have just recieved 5,000 'Free Jeff Luers' stickers and want to distribute
them to as many people as possible. The sticker is 4 x 2.75 inches, permanent
and has an excellent design with Jeff's address and website on it as well.

The stickers are an excellent way to publicize Free's case and his appeal by
directing people to his site as well as encouraging people to write him while he
is imprisoned.

Please let me know if you would like any to distribute in your community. All we
ask in return is that you put them up in highly visible places and request only
the amount you need.

If you want to make a donation, we recomend Free's legal defense fund. You can
make a secure online donation on  http://www.freefreenow.org
The Paypal secure donation button is on the left side of the screen.

Thanks for your support.

Friends of Free

PS-We have just posted a new poem by Jeff called "Army of One" at

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.com

In Iraq they would cut off his feet! 13.Mar.2003 10:18


criminal mischief??

$40,000 worth of damage. Somebody has to pay for that. Since none of you bozos have any hopes of ever making $40K in your lifes, I can tell you it is a considerable chuck of change.

He got what he deserves, and let it be a lesson to all would be offenders.

If you want to get out of jail a middled aged hippie, to late to start a family, just do what Jeff did, and you too can be passed around jail for a pack of Kools..

His friends called him FREE 13.Mar.2003 10:30


His friends called him Free.

Now the inmates call him bitch, and Free isn't Free anymore.

Free now costs a 1/2 pack of Kools!

special 13.Mar.2003 10:36


yeah. dx and 'peace.' I'll bet your mother's proud of you.

more proud that Frees mom! 13.Mar.2003 11:09


that's not much of an accomplishment then either is it?

Just a reminder 13.Mar.2003 11:56


Just a reminder to folks: Trolls target this site all the time. More often during periods of great concern and heightened activist activity.

Like any form of evil, they are fed by contention of any kind. The best thing you can do is simply ignore them. Let them talk amonst themselves. Respond to real posts and comments, not trolls.

stupid white boys 13.Mar.2003 12:04


dx and peace:
Does your mama know you are skipping school again?You need all the education you can get.It is very apparent that you are both quite ignorant.You can be thankful we don't lock people up for stupidity,you could both be in for life.Oh and just for your own information,rape is never something you make light of.NEVER!You have my sympathy because you are both very pathetic.Long live Free and his values.

We trolls are cute! 13.Mar.2003 12:12

progressive troll

trolls are cute.
We trolls are cute!
We trolls are cute!

rape? try prostitution 13.Mar.2003 13:20


If he is getting 1/2 pack of Kools, then its not rape.

Basically, in the United States, that is part of the sentence. You aren't sentence to 23 years at Club Med with a sauna.

People know the score, if you go to prison, you better be meaner and uglier than Cat Shit so people leave you alone.

Cute little white boys who hug bunnies for a living wind up at the bottom end of things there..

no justice------ just us 13.Mar.2003 13:48


ok dxv lets here your words of widom and assessment of jacob sherman the pretty little white boy that did a hell of a lot more monatary damage to a hell of a lot more vehicles and because he snitched on others and cried tears of remorse got only a lousy fucking 3 years.were is the justice here?what do you think a snitch deserves?

Its called a plea bargain. 13.Mar.2003 14:54


Its called a plea bargain.

Look, if you are just bent on common vandalism, then a year or two would be the max. However, If you organize, and are doing violence based political motivations, to intimate people or society into behaving differently, then that puts you in a totally different category. (i.e. domestic terrorism)

If I rob someone, and shoot them, then I get X number of years, but if I kill that same person based on his or her skin color, race, religion, or political beliefs, that is considered a Hate Crime. The sentence is tripled usually.

Look, if you Anarchists are looking for order and uniformity in the legal system, That seems rather ironic doesn't it? One guy gets three years another gets twenty three. That sounds like Anarchy to me, so what are you bitching about?

Anarchy doesn't mean order where you want it, and none where you don't. It means helter-skelter, anything goes, Justice is up for grabs. It's the law of the Jungle (or should I say the law of the rain forest biosphere) .

You should really decide what the fuck you want out of life before joining some "organization" that preaches something that sounds really good on paper, but in practice leaves a lot to be desired..

Sucks to be Jeffrey 13.Mar.2003 16:34


"Free" was livin the high life in Fall Creek, free food, free rent free pot, free climbing gear.

He then did something profoundly stupid, with profoundly stupid reasons for doing so. You dont help the environment by burning trucks, with all their rubber, paint, plastics, fuel, etc. Just not logical, "Free". But lets remember, "Free" was under the influence of a lot of things, free pot, free food, free climbing gear. Free must have thought the 'revolution' was here. Free was wrong.

Sorry Free, you got it wrong, and it may take you 22 years to figure that out.

Now Free gets free food, free rent, but none of the other good stuff that everyone got for free at Fall Creek.

Worlds Most Famous Anarchist! 13.Mar.2003 20:46

the rest of the thinking world

Leon Czolgosz (1873-1901),

Czologosz a mill worker, who became an Anarchist, then assassinated President McKinley, in doing so, he also assassinated any chance that the American Anarchist movement ever had of becoming anything more than an small collection of oddballs, kooks and misfits.
Worlds Most Famous Anarchist!
Worlds Most Famous Anarchist!

resized pic 13.Mar.2003 22:16


resized pic
resized pic