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IDF kills two Israelis in case of mistaken identity

shoot first, think of an excuse if oops!
IDF kills two Israelis in case of mistaken

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

IDF forces shot dead two Israeli security guards near a Hebron-area West Bank settlement Thursday afternoon, apparently believing them to be terrorists.

The victims were in charge of guarding an antenna used for research and development on a hilltop in the area. At the time of the shooting, they had pulled over on a dirt road to make some coffee.

The army said it had received warnings of a possible terror attack in the area and that the two Israelis did not heed soldiers' calls to stop. The IDF is conducting an investigation into the incident, which took place at 1 P.M. on a road east of Pnei Hever settlement, close to the Zif Highway junction.

Soldiers had been searching for Palestinians planning to attack an Israeli vehicle on the road leading to Pnei Hever. An elite lookout force noticed the two security guards on the dirt road, which leads to a Pnei Hever road. One of the victims was armed and sitting in the car and the other was next to the car at the time of the shooting.

The lookout force called for help from shooters on the ground, which opened fire on the guard sitting in the car and killed him. The second security guard ran to his aid and was killed by Air Force helicopter gunfire.

It was intially believed that the shooting was an ambush attack in which Palestinians disguised as soldiers had opened fire on an Israeli car.

The army has beefed up forces and gone on special alert in and around Hebron in recent days, after a series of Palestinian attacks on settlers and soldiers in the flashpoint city.

IDF arrests three Palestinians suspected of planning terror attacks
IDF troops arrested 20 Palestinians in the West Bank before dawn Thursday, three of whom are suspected of planning terror attacks, Israel Radio reported.

Security forces in Jerusalem also arrested a Palestinian man from Azzariyeh, in the West Bank, Thursday on suspicion of planning to attack police officers and soldiers, Army Radio reported. The suspect was found carrying a firebomb and a knife.

Troops arrested Islamic Jihad man Mahmoud Hizmiya overnight in Qabatiyah, south of Jenin, whom they suspected of planning to carry out a suicide bomb attack.

They also arrested two members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine near Nablus on suspicion that they planned to carry out an attack in a West Bank settlement.

Two more Palestinian suspects were arrested overnight west of Jenin, one of whom was found with a Kalashnikov rifle and two rounds of ammunition.

Funeral to be held Thursday for IDF soldier killed near Tul Karm
An Israel Defense Forces soldier, Staff Sergeant Asaf Fuchs, 21, from Kibbutz Gvat, was killed and another was wounded Wednesday in exchanges of fire in the West Bank village of Saida, near Tul Karm, as troops hunted for militants on the army's wanted list.

Fuchs will be buried at 3:30 P.M. Thursday on Kibbutz Gvat.

Palestinian witnesses said that an armed Islamic Jihad member, Rami El Ashkar, was killed in exchanges of fire with troops.

IDF troops arrested 16 wanted Palestinians between Wednesday and Thursday in Saida, near Tul Karm. A curfew was imposed in Saida, a village considered to be an Islamic Jihad stronghold, throughout the operation


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Wolfowitz and His Successfully Evil Cabal 13.Mar.2003 07:57


Wolfowitz and His Successfully Evil Cabal

By Richard H. Curtiss

Whatever comes next in the battle against Saddam Hussein, Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has achieved a life-long aim. He has diverted the search for a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem onto the back burner while turning up the heat on the problem of Saddam Hussein.

Wolfowitz has a long history working for the government. After completing his university graduate work, he was a management intern in the Bureau of the Budget (1966-67), where he began his steady ascent up the bureaucratic ranks.

The "Wolfowitz Cabal" is now
determined to push the US in
the same direction as Israel's
most dangerous right-wing
policy and take on as an enemy
every Islamic nation Israel
perceives as a threat

As assistant secretary of defense in the current administration, however, Wolfowitz has come into his own. Some say he considers himself the administration's resident intellectual. Whether that is true or not, Secretary of State Powell is his chief rival for influence in the White House.

At least once in the Bush administration Powell has come down hard against Wolfowitz. But Wolfowitz indefatigably bounces right back from such upsets, all the while pursuing his own private agenda. That agenda is to deflect attention from the problem of Israel by finding Washington new enemies anywhere else in the world.

This long-term goal of his has been Wolfowitz' idée fixe for many years. Apparently with the president's blessing, he has elaborated this goal into calling for the defeat of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the creation of a military occupation government. Wolfowitz maintains that, since Saddam is so hated by his people, once serious military action begins he will fall rapidly. It will not be terribly long, Wolfowitz argues, before a military government can be melded into a democratic country, perhaps the first in the Arab world. The civilian Defense Department official tends to minimize problems that don't fit into his world views — such as the fact that Iraq's Kurds may have different plans of their own. The country's Shiites also may have a different game plan. Waving aside these practical considerations, Wolfowitz insists that these matters can easily be dealt with later.

There are others, however, who believe that Wolfowitz has a separate agenda of his own, and who believe, in fact, that Wolfowitz welcomes each new international problem. He may want the United States to remain bogged down in various crises and thus give the Israelis more time to consolidate their own conquest over the Palestinians.

Indeed, some Wolfowitz-watchers warn that he is, in the words of one conservative, "the most dangerous man in the current administration." This is partly because he both advocates hard-line positions and has the ability to defend them.

One observer has described Wolfowitz and his cohorts as "democratic imperialists." In addition, Wolfowitz and other hard-line commentators are talking about US military action to bring about changes in both Syria and Iran after subduing Iraq.

Said Hugo Young of The Guardian of Dec. 3, 2002: "In Washington, as well as in Europe, Paul Wolfowitz is regarded as the most awesome of the hawks in his appetite for war to overthrow Saddam Hussein. A Republican senator saw him as a 'weirdo' whose views were so dogmatic as to put him outside the realms of normal debate."

In a press conference after Sept. 11, 2001, Wolfowitz declared that American policy "is ending states that sponsor terrorism." This earned a public remonstrance from Colin Powell, who said that Wolfowitz "can speak for himself," but the US goal is only to end "terrorism." Wolfowitz's enthusiasm for nailing Saddam was thus quashed for the time being, as Powell and others made it clear that such a widespread war would destroy the anti-terrorism coalition and infuriate Arab allies.

While this was neither the first nor the last time Wolfowitz and Powell have clashed, the secretary of state has not totally quashed the assistant secretary of defense.

Wolfowitz' knack for the unexpected and his eagerness to deploy American forces earned him a reputation for both prescience and nuttiness, in the words of David Plotz. Wolfowitz reportedly has said, for example, that "a kiloton of prevention is worth a megaton of cure."

In October 2002, The New York Times published a leak about Wolfowitz and his coterie. According to the article, Wolfowitz wants an immediate war with Iraq, believing that the targeting of Afghanistan, an already impoverished wasteland, falls far short of stopping the global war the cabalists are seeking. Iraq, however, is just another stepping stone in turning the "war on terrorism" into a full-blown "Clash of Civilizations," where the Islamic religion could become the "enemy image" in a new Cold War.

The Times also revealed deep divisions within the Bush administration, describing how the Wolfowitz clique plots behind the backs of Cabinet officials such as Secretary of State Powell in the name of the US government. "The group wants to obliterate Iraq, and put the Palestinian Authority and President Arafat on the terrorism list," wrote Michele Steinberg in the Oct. 26, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The "Wolfowitz Cabal" is now determined to push the US in the same direction as Israel's most dangerous right-wing policy and take on as an enemy every Islamic nation Israel perceives as a threat. In this Wolfowitz and his colleague, Richard Perle, seem to have succeeded beyond their wildest and most fevered dreams.

Richard H. Curtiss is the Executive Editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Magazine.
Wolfowitz and His Successfully Evil Cabal
Wolfowitz and His Successfully Evil Cabal

and so it goes 13.Mar.2003 09:17


You see, they've been killing Palestinians without reason for years. And they use these same silly "justifications." "Oh, they wouldn't stop." "Um, they were terrorists." Etc. And the media never calls them on it, and they keep getting away with it. See what happens when you let oppression grow? After awhile, it begins to turn on you. Let that be a lesson to us here in America. The fascist state isn't just gonna go after "the bad guys."

IDF Does What it Does Best--Murder 13.Mar.2003 12:28

Lars the Infidel

The IDF and Moussad are modern US funded killing machines of monstrous, horrific proportions. Today's murders of Israeli citizens just helps us all see them for the true butchers they are.

We've got to stop the war on Palestinians, just like we're all trying to stop the war on Iraq. A great place to start is to fight to cancel US funding aid to Israel. That elected fascist regime is requesting something like $12B, many times over its current US funding level. And that increase is directly tied to Sharon's policy of murder and destruction on the Palestinians in order to keep them from becoming a state, or even a functioning society.

Sharon and Bush are the world's biggest terrorists, bar none.