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"WARNING: Men Working Above" Propaganda T-shirts

I am making t-shirts that read "WARNING: Men Working Above"
"WARNING:  Men Working Above" Propaganda T-shirts
"WARNING: Men Working Above" Propaganda T-shirts
The idea behind these shirts is derived from a construction site sign that I appropriated a few years back during the bombing of Serbia by the US. At the time my girlfriend was a woman who is Serbian in ethnicity. She told me of how her friends in Serbia were confused and angered at the American bombing that targeted and killed hundreds of civilians. They started using a target symbol on t-shirts and hats to demonstrate that they knew that they were targets. They resisted and held rock concerts in open fields with the bombing campaign in full force.

One day I saw a sign that looked like this picture that is on the shirts I am making, except that instead of a stealth bomber there was a silouhette of a man with a hard hat on, with an arrow pointing upward inscribed in the silouhette. It had a whole different meaning than the construction purposes that it was devised for. Men *are* working above now as they were then in Serbia. They are punching the clock and doing what to them must be a mundane job... so sad that they don't see the faces of those they maim and kill. No different than bagging groceries or delivering the mail to them apparently.

There are so many layers of meaning in it...men working above us all in society, and they are the ones commanding the men working above us in bombers...

Let me know if you want one of these t-shirts.
nice 13.Mar.2003 00:16

Already Pixels

you should save the design as a gif though next time - it will be smaller and sharper (because you only have two colours and no gradients)

I don't want a shirt because I live in Australia and the postage would cost more than the shirt.

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