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Hollywood Honors A Stupid White Man

By awarding Michael Moore for his film "Bowling for Columbine," The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has once again demonstrated Hollywood's leftist gulag mentality.
"Columbine" is filled with inaccuracies, deliberate misrepresentations and outright lies, a fact already detailed in numerous published reports. A "documentary" filled with fiction, "Columbine" is an entertaining (and admittedly well-written) work of anti-gun propaganda.

Like most organizations on the left, the WGA has chosen to pursue agenda over truth. Like the Pulitzer Prize, this award was granted for excellence in the pursuit of liberalism.

Hollywood has suppressed diversity of thought, so it doesn't think anyone notices their pathological partisanship. The 'fly-over" people they have so much contempt for are not allowed at development meetings. "Flag-waver" and "patriot" are derisive terms in their lexicon, like "conservative" and "gun-toting redneck jerk." They take it as a matter of faith that gun-owners are bad. All wrong. Second Amendment "gun nuts" simply don't deserve moral or ethical considerations, like fairness and truth. The West Wing's President Josiah Bartlett (Martin Sheen) perhaps put it best when he said, "why can't we all just agree that the 2nd Amendment is a stupid amendment?"

To the Hollywood left, guns are stupid—just like George Bush. If you work in Hollywood, you've heard the mantra so many times by now it's comical: He's too stupid to be President. He stole the election. It's only about oil and getting even for his daddy. He's the real enemy. He's Hitler.

But it's not funny. Hollywood so hates "that stupid cowboy," that "drunken frat boy," it's impossible, unthinkable, for them to support him on anything. They don't really hate George Bush, of course, but the conservative Republican bugbear of their minds. Hollywood Bush-hatred has nothing to do with facts, yet it is so virulent you can feel the heat. It's a real and dangerous heat; an incubator of propaganda, character assassination, conspiracy theories, irrational and violent protest. Just as "Columbine" is fueled by a hatred of conservative "gun nuts," the leftist propaganda against our President--about to get even worse--is also fueled by an irrational hatred.

As an L.A. author and journalist, it's unavoidable that most of my industry "friends" or "contacts" are Bush-bashing lefties. Since 9-11, I've found it necessary to develop a new set of friends. (Cops mostly, whom I frequently write about). Many of my old "Hollywood" friends are so consumed by hate they are no longer decent company. I have some insight into their disorder, as I was a devout Nixon-hater in the 60's, a McGovern Campaign worker in 1972 and a loyal Democrat for 30 years.

Before the 2000 election, everyone in Hollywood made statements similar to those made by Cher or Alec Baldwin--a Bush Presidency would be "a disaster" and they would "leave the country" if he were elected. Then 9-11 transformed George Bush and his presidency, like the Civil War transformed Lincoln and Pearl Harbor transformed Roosevelt. It could have happened to Al Gore (and led him down the same path) but it happened to George Bush—and that drove the Hollywood left to madness.

Not only is Bush not failing miserably, as they predicted, but most of the nation supports him and believes he is doing a great job. Hollywood can't handle that. It drives them around the bend. Their pride, arrogance and ego won't allow them to admit that Bush is not a disaster, or that he is capable of doing anything right. So they scour the New York and Los Angeles Times everyday for "proof" and e-mail it to all their friends. Every breath they take is devoted to proving Bush is a monster. The Democratic "pre-buttal" speech to Bush's State-of-the-Union was profoundly symbolic. They don't care what Bush says and they don't need to listen—he's wrong. That is the only consistency to their positions.

This madness has led at least one radio talk show host to describe it as a lunacy—as in affected by the moon, like werewolves. Indeed, leftist Bush-bashing is often so rabid and self-destructive it's funny. But it's also frightening. I tried to explain to one veteran screenwriter how he sabotaged his position when he denigrated Bush as a "stupid cowboy"--like calling Clinton "Slick Willie" or Reagan "a B-list movie actor" or Jimmy Carter "a "peanut farmer." It only served to broadcast his bias and undermined his credibility. The man nodded and acknowledged I was right, but a week later he was telling all the "Stupid Bush" jokes. The day before the 2002 election, he sent me an e-mail declaring that anyone who voted Republican was "a terrorist."

Hollywood's favorite joke: Q: "What's the difference between George Bush and Hitler? A: Hitler was elected. I heard that one from half a dozen Hollywood acquaintances. Boy, they love that one.

Hollywood is a society of liberal bigots. "Stupid" is their N-word, like "coon" or "jungle bunny." They walk into a party or restaurant and say "stupid Bush." Somebody responds "stupid cowboy" or "drunken frat-boy," and they know they are among Klansmen. If conservatives are offended—good—they want to drive them away. They don't want them around. They can't deal with them. They can't deal with the truth. They surround themselves only with fellow "Progressives," lefties who hate Bush. Conservatives are people of a lesser mind who don't count--flag-wavers, heartlanders, patriots, rednecks--stupid people who are too stupid to understand moral relativity, too stupid to understand that Bush is too stupid to be president.

Driven mad by hatred, they've adopted the rhetoric of the lunatic left. Bush is Hitler. The real enemy. It might be forgiveable for 22-year-old graduates of the Berkeley Gulag, but these are middle-aged lefties who should know better. Many witnessed how anti-American demonstrations and rhetoric (kill the pigs!) sabotaged the 1972 Democrats (49 to 1). But they hate Bush so much they don't care. How else can you explain how a middle-aged man likes Sean Penn somehow missed--or chose to ignore--the lesson of Jane Fonda?

Hollywood lefties are like drug addicts. They know they have a problem but they can't stop themselves. Their hate is too strong. Talk radio is having a grand time with their half-witted remarks, gleefully reporting every time another celebrity pours gasoline on himself and sets it afire. Their self-destructive lunacy is indeed funny. But it also has a dark side.

The last time I witnessed such irrational hatred by the left was their hatred of LA Police Chief Daryl Gates. They blamed him for everything. He could do no right. Their greatest criticism of Gates was that he was too aggressive, too militaristic, too quick to send in the troops. Then, when he showed restraint at the start of the Rodney King riots, they blamed him for showing restraint. Forty-three people died in the riots and it was Gates' fault—never mind that aggressive action might have triggered urban warfare with 4000 dead. It didn't matter. However many died--as a result of his action, or his non-action—it was his fault.

The Bush haters will play the same game in Iraq. However many die in the forthcoming war, weather the number is large or small, those deaths will be Bush's fault. Not Saddam's. There will be no fair comparison made to the cost of inaction. And their pre-determination to sabotage the man, no-matter-what, will go even deeper.

Ultimately, the Los Angeles Times employed a misplaced modifier to assassinate the character of Daryl Gates. Responding to a study that showed Blacks were more physiologically susceptible to the chokehold, due to greater exposure of their carotid artery, the Times quoted Gates as saying "they don't react like normal people." If Gates indeed said that, which is disputable, he meant their reaction was not normal--and the Times knew it. There was zero possibility Gates meant to say blacks were abnormal or sub-normal. Zero. But the Times willfully, intentionally and deliberately published the remark. To this day they continue to repeat it, and many residents of LA take it as a matter of faith that Gates is a racist—an evil lie.

The hate-mad left will do anything to knock Bush out of his saddle. If they cannot find a Watergate, they will create one. To them, the only thing wrong is that Bush is President. They will not be restrained by morals, ethics or a basic sense of fairness and truth. They will not only create propaganda but award themselves for doing it. Conservatives need to brace themselves; the lunatic left may be funny, but they are very dangerous.

After all, wouldn't you do anything to stop "Hitler?"
You Take The Metaphor Too Seriously 12.Mar.2003 22:22


Obviously you are a highly intelligent person, so trying to change your mind on certain matters would be silly. But in regard to your statements...

1) Columbine, in my opinion, is one of the greatest films of all time because it sets out to expose certain truths and hypocrises, rather than make up silly little stories, like the most writers and directors (including myself). Moore did achieve a profound level of truth and that truth isn't that all conservatives and NRA members are the devil, but that the reason behind most of the gun related problems in America comes down to one thing: Fear. I thought that was the heart of the film. After the Charlton Heston segment, I didn't hate the guy. I felt sorry for him. Moore is a hero who is out there doing what all filmmakers should be doing. And no documentary can be 100% truth. Read Borges if you don't believe me. Fear is what keeps Americans consuming at a destructive rate and keeps them obedient. That fear is channeled through the media. That is what you seem to have missed.

2) To comapre Bush to Hitler is to give him too much credit. Hitler was a bona fid monster. Bush is a bona fide wind up doll. His cronies on the other hand are fascists and I want more than anything to believe otherwise. Their motivations are so transparent it's sickening. Read the Domestic Security Enhancement Act for 2003 and tell me honestly that there is a humanitarian bone in any of their bodies. How can you say that the events of 9/11 led Bush down a certain path? Are you that naive to believe that A) 9/11 wasn't the Bush administrations wet dream and B) That Bush is making any real decisions? Bush is a metaphor, as all the presidents before him have been. The only difference is that Bush is slow, creepy and a bad actor. That is why the Hollywood idiots make those cracks at him. How can they resist?

I'll bet you believe that Lincoln was against slavery too.

The hatred you speak of and are so opposed to is a reaction to tyrrany and injustice. I agree, it is the wrong reaction and Bush is the wrong face to direct it toward. But understand, Americans can only think in symbolism, they need one solid image to point the finger at. That is really beside the point though. The point is that they hate hate, in whatever form, and want it to stop. Who cares if the look at the cow and see roast beef? The Bush haters know the difference between right and wrong, and see through the administrations transparent veil.

partial list 12.Mar.2003 22:30


The hate-mad left will do anything to knock Bush out of his saddle. If they cannot find a Watergate, they will create one.

planning to wage illegal war on Iraq
NSA surveillance of security council members
fabrication of "evidence" of WMDs
handing reconstruction contracts to Haliburton
bribing security council members for votes

this is all in the last month. every other month he's been in office it's been the same.

he will be removed from office. he will be brought to trial for his crimes. happy?

Disregard Jan Golab 12.Mar.2003 23:38

my 2 centavos

Disregard Jan,

S/he is obviously one of those people who had it successfully drilled into them as a child that is wrong to ask questions, especially certain TYPES of questions.

Michael Moore's film is fantastic.

By making it, he has shown millions of Americans that it is healthy to ask the right questions.

He has also shown a new generation of activists, media people, and filmmakers that they can create truly great pieces without having to be officially sanctioned by anyone.

Right... 13.Mar.2003 01:30

Ed Harley

Hollywood should stick to honoring its highly intelligent Republicans, like Arnold Schwarzanegger. Ha ha... ha.

come on 13.Mar.2003 19:29


First of all that was a funny Arnold joke.

But seriously, You really have to take everything you see with a grain of salt yes even Moore.

Don't get me wrong I loved the movie, it brought out so much information that people NEED to see. It is a movie though so it does want to build up dramatic parts and make people cry. But hey people getting killed by violent gun deaths should make people cry.

Atleast Moore wasn't putting the blame on other ablivious outlets that the CONservatives like to do like Manson not even the guy that killed people the little glam rocker dude, or Satan, or like BSB. You never heard the CONS ( short for conservative) blaming the corporations that actually make the bullets.

Also to the poster, where are all the inaccuracies from the movie? I would like to review them.

dear mother of goth 13.Mar.2003 19:52

homo commie liberal bla bla

"If they cannot find a Watergate, they will create one."

I have one for you how about ENRON I think that suits fine for the next Watergate

We don't even have to make it up.