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One ring to rule them all...

Did you ever wonder how someone like Bush could come to power so quickly? Detailed examination of a photo taken at a press conference has given us the answer...
One ring to rule them all...
One ring to rule them all...
Fantastic! 13.Mar.2003 11:40


That's hilarious!
(Although, I wouldn't be THAT suprised!)

LOL 09.Nov.2005 09:23

Icy- Hott

LOL that is awesome...was that photo shop or an original

ring 14.Dec.2005 16:18


sauron gets his finger cut off

But How 08.Feb.2006 04:37


If Bush is wearing the ring, then why isn't he invisible? Or has he created a ring of Governmental Power? Where are the elves when you need them.

the 1 ring 09.Feb.2006 14:24


The 1 president to rule them all!!!!LOL LOL LOL!

funny 02.Mar.2006 19:43


that is funny(even tho im republican)

What the--... 04.Mar.2006 08:08


My Eye is on Bush(Bush's bane)!!

........... 07.Mar.2006 14:33


Bush took prescioussss, yessssssss, yesssss. We will kill him glum glum.... We hate bushhh

One ring to rule them all... 14.Mar.2006 13:40

Horned One

lol that is funny - mayebe the ring has some referance to oil in the middle east, with the people over taking a gollum stance and hating bush for taking the oil from them.

or maybe its just a funny article - who cares.


ada 20.Mar.2006 22:03


he's not invisible just as Sauron isn't invisible when he wears the ring at the end of the Second Age in Fellowship when Isildur slices his fingers off. The Lord of the Rings (in this case Bush) commands the ring in other ways.

wow 24.Mar.2006 13:55

your mom

Now evil will spread across all of middle earth(world)...................

lord sauron 10.Apr.2006 10:35

lord sauron jojo@hotmail.com

Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul thats my ring power, that bush will die , wait i see u..!!!!!!!