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US military protects tofu-licking hippie scum

I get this a lot: Hey Mark, you know what you should do, you pathetic piece of liberal S.F. scum? You should kneel down right now and thank our angry God there's a hard-ass non-pussified non-wimpy U.S. military out there protecting your pathetic little butt, baby.

Isn't that thoughtful?
The Lie Of The U.S. Military
Tough gritty American soldiers protect freedom of liberal S.F. columnist? Or the other way around?

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By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Friday, March 7, 2003

I get this a lot: Hey Mark, you know what you should do, you pathetic piece of liberal S.F. scum? You should kneel down right now and thank our angry God there's a hard-ass non-pussified non-wimpy U.S. military out there protecting your pathetic little butt, baby. Isn't that thoughtful?

You should be damn grateful, they scowl, that these fine men and women are risking their lives to ensure your right of free speech, your contemptible ability to scribble these pansy liberal words, to call Shrub a smirking daddy's boy, to suggest that God doesn't exist or that Lynne Cheney frightens small children and makes paint peel, all while remaining safe and cozy in your little hippie-happy tofu-licking gay-friendly S.F. cocoon, all protected and insulated and smug.

I get this a lot, too, in response to columns about, say, alternative religion, or spirituality, or progressive politics, or sex, or open mindedness or anything that rubs conservatives the wrong way, which is, of course, just about anything: How can you write such typical lefty liberal drivel while "real" men and women are out there making "real" decisions about "real" issues?

When people are dying from poison gas and are having their fingernails ripped out by evildoers, and you just wait until your pathetic little faggy S.F. and granola Berkeley get "hit" and your family and friends are screaming and burning to death and we'll see how you feel then, won't we, when Dubya tried to warn you and where will your hippie crap be then huh? Huh?

It's touching, truly.

And there are many more, most filled with flaming bile, with a rabid pro-military lust, homophobia like a calling card, aimed at me, at S.F, at progressives, at gays -- anyone, really, who is not in blind lockstep support of everything ShrubCo spins their way, and never failing to leverage the rather inane "be grateful you live in this country" argument, much like saying, be grateful you weren't born in 1347 and suffered serfdom and had boils all over your face and died toothless at age 24. Yes, I am grateful. Every day. Thank you.

Let us now speak blasphemy. Let us point up something no one seems to be mentioning, as Shrub sends in 300,000 of our youth to blast a cheap thug who is, by every account, no serious threat to the U.S., and never has been, and who had nothing to do with 9/11, and whose ties to terrorism are tenuous at best, all while rabid North Korea happily buys more nuke technology from desperate Pakistan and sells the finished product to the highest bidder.

Here it is: The military does not protect my freedom. Our soldiers are not out there right now safeguarding me, or you, or us, from some sort of total, '50s-era, Red Scare-esque dictatorial overthrow of our nation; nor is the military guaranteeing I have the right to write this column any more than it is protecting your right to read it, or to protest the war and speak freely and smoke imported French cigarettes and watch porn and drive really fast. Not anymore, they're not. Not this time.

More than ever before in recent history, the otherwise worthy U.S. military is right now in service not of the people, not of the national security, but of the current government regime and its corporate interests. Has it always been this way? Of course. But this time, with our smirky Enron president and cash-hungry CEO administration, it's never been so flagrant, or insulting, or invidious.

Our soldiers are not protecting our freedoms. They are not preventing more terrorism. They are not guaranteeing continued free speech. Because the only true threat to such freedoms is coming from within.

There is every indication that our own government, more than any other in the Western world, is the one that would like our free speech quelled, dissenting voices silenced, proofs of wrongdoing or proofs of corporate greedmongering that are used as a cheap excuse to massacre an estimated half-million Iraqis, eliminated.

There is every indication that John Ashcroft would love nothing more than to shut down independent thought and snuff out all those dirty pictures and turn off the whole gol-durn Internet once and for all.

There is every flagrant sign that Rummy and Ari Fleischer think the media would do good to shut the hell up and be grateful they're even allowed on the White House grounds. "If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists," they glower, as if everyone were 5 years old, and drugged, and stupid.

There is every indication that BushCo would love nothing more than to fire truckfuls of tear gas into those crowds of 11 million protesters a few weeks ago, clamp down all those millions of negative voices causing him such a global headache, brainwash the media and the populace, continue to turn attention away from that pesky unfindable Osama to that evil easily annihilated Saddam, make you think the two are somehow connected, one and the same, and that if you disagree you are a traitorous baby-killing communist, how dare you, don't you value your freedom?

Of course I do. Which is exactly why this war is so inane, and vile.

This war was never about your safety, or the safety of this nation, or protecting freedom. It is about strategic power bases, oil reserves and control. It is about regional supremacy first, petroleum and military supply industries second, humanitarian and domestic-security concerns, well, about 147th.

It was never about WMD. It was never about terrorism. It was never about Saddam, except insofar as Saddam is a threat to those same corporate concerns. The U.S. military is right now serving ExxonMobil. And Lockheed Martin. And is protecting, unbeknownst to it, our grip on power brokering in the Middle East.

Which naturally might raise the question, What, then, is actually protecting America's freedom? What forces are guaranteeing free speech? Protecting your civil liberties?

It's you. It's millions of independent, resistant voices, in chat rooms and e-mail boxes and magazines and on Web sites all over the nation and the world.

It is staggering and potent protests like the all-time largest global rally of Feb. 15. It is artists and actors and musicians, writers and renegades and thinkers, professors and pundits and op-ed columnists and daring newspaper editors.

Do you see? It is these people, these voices, that are right now keeping the doors of personal freedom from swinging shut. It is those who push back, refusing to be misled, resisting the crackdown. What is keeping America free is not the military -- it is independent thought. It is the progressive provocative evil "hippie vibe" that refuses to let Bush completely molest the nation.

Because BushCo would love nothing more than for everyone to shut the hell up so it can bomb in peace. And they are trying. E-mail snooping, Homeland Security, the draconian Patriot Act, new wiretap laws, the (failed) Total Information Awareness mega-database, expanded powers for the police and FBI, immigrant detention, a raging international blanket campaign to forcibly convince everyone of their warmongering cause, as most of the world just stands there, appalled, insulted, and says no way.

Here's another irony: Major newspapers and TV and magazines, despite regular GOP puling about the "damn liberal media," is largely in lockstep support of the war, giving scant coverage to ongoing world protests, painting Chirac like the ogre Shrub wants you to think he is, hyping up biotoxic threats and downplaying the pathetic meagerness of the Iraqi military, or the hundreds of thousands of estimated civilian casualties and refugees this war will generate, the hundreds of billions it will cost us.

Look. We possess a potent, world-class military. Dedicated and serious and no one questions their ability, their commitment, despite how the vast majority of wary soldiers signed up during peacetime, for the quick money, to help pay for college, or because they couldn't find decent jobs, and not for some noble patriotic cause. But no matter.

Was I supportive of quick, aggressive military action against the largely fragmented and untraceable al Qaeda? Was I glad to see undercover air marshals on civilian aircraft shortly after 9/11? Do I support our military in times of true crisis and need, when there is an actual viable threat? Absolutely. Is this one of those times? No way. Here's how I support them now -- get them out before a single one is killed.

Because here is the freedom our military is currently protecting: The freedom of cheap gas for the next decade. The freedom of expanded power in the Middle East. The freedom of continued American gluttony abroad, of a foreign policy that reeks of isolationism and corporate greed and preemptive fist-to-face threats. It ain't worth it.

Is the military protecting us from terrorism? Doubtful. By most every estimate, Shrub's war will only ignite more anti-U.S. hatred, spark more countries to fuel up and prepare for America's random attack. We are not pouring water on the dying embers of U.S. revulsion -- we are kicking them. As hard as we can.

I understand and value the need for a strong military. I appreciate the necessity. But the war in Iraq does nothing but denigrate the value and integrity of our military. Note to conservatives: Those soldiers aren't out there dying for you, they're dying for strategic political power, for some oil exec's portfolio. They're protecting the American oligarchy. Does that make you feel proud?

This war, then, is a direct slap in the face, an insult not just to progressives and liberals but to the country, and to the very soldiers themselves. I hereby kneel down in my liberal hippie gay-friendly S.F. cocoon and pray to my godless tofu-lovin' universe that they don't die in oily vain.

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commie barf bag dwelling maggots! 10.Mar.2003 22:06


some idiot posted that the US military is just a bunch of mercs.

hour per hour they would get more working at a burger king. I don't know how they would be classified as mercenaries doing this for the money.

the good news about Nukes in North Korea, is that Kim will target the left coast long before hitting a target inland, or on the east coast.

Of course the maggots will blame bush and say he sold Kim the nukes.

do they really think they sound even remotely sane?

oh, the best one was another post that claimed that only right wingers spit on returning vets from Vietnam!

the wonderful hippies of the 60s never spit on returning vets, that is just right wing propaganda..

what a bunch of fuckheads. do they really believe this shit?

I know it takes some level of reality to admit to mistakes, but to come up with that crappy story makes them really look demented.

I'm just waiting to see what kind of vile whack-a-do shit comes blowing out of that hole under their noses when the war starts.

Did you ever notice that they bitch and piss and moan about everything, but never do shit about it except climb a tree, or parade around with a sign sticking out of their ass? Like that is helpful.

Boy, I'm sure their parents are very proud of them. My oldest son is a doctor, my oldest daughter is an attorney, Our youngest son is an Engineer. And my youngest daughter lives in a tree, and she is shacked up with a guy who is trying to break the genis book of world records for going the longest without taking a bath. Oh, and he has a protest sign sticking out of his ass too. Boy we sure are proud of our children..

Some of the worst pimple faced jackoffs among them are just protesting because they think they have better odds at talking one of those grudge girls in to bobbing on their knobs.

I guess god created protests so even ugly girls can get laid too.

hey 'vix'--you're HILARIOUS ! 10.Mar.2003 22:25


keep it up with the Twinkies, Big Macs, child porn, Britney, and Fox News--

maybe you can make it into the "genis [sic] book of world records" YOURSELF someday!

have we struck a nerve here?

hey 'vix'--you're HILARIOUS ! 10.Mar.2003 22:25


keep it up with the Twinkies, Big Macs, child porn, Britney, and Fox News--

maybe you can make it into the "genis [sic] book of world records" YOURSELF someday!

have we struck a nerve here?

Awesome article, Mark! 10.Mar.2003 23:23


This article is definitely a keeper. Here in Minneapolis, we get these filthy-mouthed red neck types who haven't got a clue how USED they are by the military just by their attitudes alone. They don't even realize the vaccinations that they were forced to have are laced with a serum that stimulates the part of the brain creating lust and aggression. Just by talking about sex, pornography or extreme violence, the guy turns into a lunatic monster, hardly human, souless, without a conscience. It would seem that just about all the soldiers have this in common. Ever check how many soldiers come home and kill their wives or girlfriends, notice how many get charged with rape? Co-incidence? I don't think so.

The economic disparity in United States creates fodder for corporate war; that is poor, working class, minority people without education that encourages THINKING! Sadly, young guys and young women too, end up joining the army because they lack education and a viable way of life. Its not their fault. But these very people are vulnerable to the Corporate military who bolster their egos, send them to 'school' to learn skills but certainly not to THINK!

Hey soldier-boy, next time you think you're gonna bad mouth some 'faggity SF tofu-licking hippie-scum', perhaps you should think twice about who's protecting who, cause surely to God it ain't the military. You guys are just disposable tools for the corporate military and sadly, you just don't realize it till its just too late!

Jerk 11.Mar.2003 08:16


Vix; you're an ass. Bush could give a flying f*** about your freedoms. The military is doing his bidding and yes, they will be forgotten years after this conflict; just like Vietnam and Gulf War vets. The only valid point you made was about the spitting. I was spat upon twice when I returned from nam, and it wasn't from a right winger, it probably was from some misguided liberal. But things have changed. The left has admitted their error and most have apologized, though hesitantly. SAlthough now, most of these sorry ass liberals are big war lovers, ie; Hillary, et al. There's nothing wrong with the tofu eating hippies. They're not trashing the planet, not making life very unsafe for America. Your commander in chief is doing a fine job of that, thank you. If it was up to Bush and his cronies, we'd be no different from Iraq or any other country that suppreses freedom. In fact, if they had it their way, we'd be far worse. The relative freedoms those hippies, and everyone else currently has, was won, not by the George Bushes of this world, but they are certainly being eroded by the ilk that currently can be described as neo-conservatives, aided and abetted by the neo-liberals.

Wow! 11.Mar.2003 11:11


Indeed, one does hear, ALL THE TIME, the tired cliche that goes something like this: "You can only do that because a soldier fought for your right to!" (This was actually screamed out the window of a pick up truck at people protesting detentions at the INS office here in PDX.)

That cliche always makes me laugh because, really, when was the last time a soldier defended anyone's right to free speech? I'm not dissing on "the troops." On the contrary, I see them as working class sisters and brothers whose welfare I care enough about to take to the streets to stop them from being used as expendable parts of the war machine by the American Oligarchs.

But honestly. Think about it. Think about the last 50 years of military exploits. (You can go farther than that if you want, but the culprits are usually not old enough to have fought any longer ago than that.) Let's see. There was the last Persian Gulf "crisis." Were they fighting for my right to free speech then? I think not. They wre fighting for, varously, the Kuwaiti babies whose incubators were fiendishly unplugged by Iraqi soldiers! Remember the Incubators! Oh. But wait. That's right...that turned out to be a lie. A well documented and shameless lie.

All right, then. They were fighting for Democracy in Kuwait! Oh. Wait again. That too was a lie. Turns out Kuwait is a nasty little inbred dictatorship. Well, nevermind then. They were fighting for the Kurds who were gassed. Wait! Another lie? Yes, another lie. The Kurds were gassed, and the US continued their illicit love affair with Sadam Hussein for years. No one here cared. Then, when it suited them, they rode to the "rescue." They encouraged the Kurds to rise up against their leader, and then they abandoned them. The US never wanted democracy in Iraq, they only wanted an easily controlled puppet regime to serve their interests.

Free speech? IN that war? No indeed. Even the corporate press was censored beyone belief. People actually lost their jobs during and after that conflict for trying to report the fact that those "smart bombs" weren't so smart after all. Thousands of civilians were killed in Iraq. It was a dirty war, and the govt and the military did everything they could to keep us from learning the truth about it.

Well then. What about Panama? "Operation Just Cause." Yes. That must have been about defending free speech, right? Somehow, running down to Panama to grab back the canal right before it reverted to Panamanian control equated to defending free speech. I'm sure it did. And snagging a petty, US backed dictator (remember Noriega? What ever happened to him?). I just KNOW there's a connection between that action and my Free Speech.

Greneda? Oh yeh, right. Whatever.

Vietnam? Well, certainly it was a "humanitarian mission," anyway. At least, that's what they said. They said the South Vietnamese wanted the US to help them bring democracy to them and protect them from the nasty commies. Of course, that was a lie too. The south vietnamese did NOT want the US there, and showed them just how much they didn't want them there. And the US soldiers didn't care, they just kept killing them. Because THEY knew they weren't really there to defend the S vietnamese. They were there because they were told to be there.

Again, I'm curious. How did killing millions of vietnamese people and thousands of american people halfway across the world help defend free speech in America? That's right. It didn't. War never leads to free speech, always the opposite. The Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Bill, the Sedition Act, and so many others are repressive measures the US govt takes to silence any and all dissent, any truly free speech in war time.

Brave people like Emma Goldman, Mother Jones, and Eugene Debs went to prison for defending our right to free speech. Some people (Albert Parsons comes immediately to mind, but there were many others) actually died at the hands of the US govt for their part in the struggle for our free speech.

So the assertion that I can only speak out in America because a soldier protected my right to do so is laughable.

Interesting history lesson 12.Mar.2003 00:28

dj tubesteak

"the wonderful hippies of the 60s never spit on returning vets, that is just right wing propaganda..."

Actually, if you research this, you'll discover that there isn't a single documented incident of returning vets being spit on, at least not by strangers out of political conviction. It may not be right-wing propaganda, but it's more of an uban legend than an established historical fact.