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New anti-war/anti-Bush music

Three new/revised songs protesting the Iraq war and Emperor Bush. For truly patriotic ears only.
The following new songs are available at The Compassionate Conservatives' web site:

  1. "Midnight Confessions (of Emperor G.W. Bush)"
    This is a remake of the Grass Roots' song circa 1968. We strongly advise that you download the lyrics at our web site -- these include both our revamped words and a complete transcription of all soundbites. Featured commentator is, of course, George W. Bush, who comes off sounding every bit the buffoon that he is. Special guest commentary by Sander Hicks (excerpted from the movie Horns and Halos) who debunks Bush's claims that he had volunteered for overseas duty. Cameo appearances by Jon Voight, Werner Kemplerer, and Judy Garland.
  2. "In The Garden of Eden (war crimes/DC rally mix)"
    This is a remixed and remastered version of our initial offering (remake of Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", fitting in light of Iraq's geographical location). We have added some commentary, including Bush's ironic "he has shown contempt for the UN and the opinion of the world" statement from the State of the Union address.
  3. "In The Garden of Eden (Zinn/Fisk/Nader mix)"
    While the skeleton of the song remains the same, most of the soundbites have been replaced. Featured commentators include Robert Fisk, Ralph Nader, and Howard Zinn, with cameo appearances by Alec Guinness, Sessue Hayakawa, Terry Moran, and John Pilger.
As always, our songs are posted for free download. We are not in this for the money -- some things (like true democracy and revealing the Bush Cartrel for the scoundrels they truly are) are far more important than that.

Please download, listen, and spread the word!

homepage: homepage: http://compassionateconservatives.iuma.com