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flood katu with your "hometown hero"

flood katu with your "hometown hero"
katu is seeking submissions for a "hometown hero" for them to feature (see below or check out  http://www.katu.com/features/hometown_heroes/index.asp )--HOWEVER! they need a little wake up call. please send them information about your own "hometown hero for peace"...

give them dan handelman
give them will seaman
give them the peace elves
give them pepto dizmal
give them josh raisler cohn
give them spArk or glen owen or tom hastings or whoever... just let them know that killing people does not a hero make....

from the katu website:
Do you have a friend or family member who is serving in the Persian Gulf? If so, we'd like to hear from you.

We'll feature your Hometown Hero here on katu.com and on KATU News on air.

E-mail the info about your "hero" to  HomeTownHeroes@katu.com

Or send regular mail to:
Hometown Heroes
P.O. Box 2
Portland, OR 97207

Please tell us a little about your "hero", including name, branch of the military, job description, where they are serving, what high school they attended and what year they graduated. Include some details about what makes your loved one special.

Don't forget to include a photo!

(Only send us information that you would like to see
included in your Hometown Heroes' story.)

REALISTS 1945 10.Mar.2003 19:16



Great Idea - here's a sample letter 10.Mar.2003 22:49

Ed Harley


For my "Home Town Hero" I'd like to nominate every man, woman and child who is trying to prevent our brothers and sisters in the US military from dying in this insane, unnecessary war.

Will you put that on your newscast, or your website? I doubt it - we all know that your advertisers require a heaping mass of complacent, status-quo-loving consumers to gobble up their products, and that means feeding them a bunch of pap about how "heroic" war and killing is.

Instead of worrying about your bottom line, and your advertiser-friendly format, do something to save the lives of these soldiers you pretend to care so much about, instead of selling them out.



Women? What women? 10.Mar.2003 23:25

lucy p.

Hey, kurtkabang, there are a lot of us women doing important and even high-profile work in the movement. You add to male supremacy and the invisibility of women when you write:

"give them dan handelman
give them will seaman
give them the peace elves
give them pepto dizmal
give them josh raisler cohn
give them spArk or glen owen or tom hastings or whoever..."

I know most of those men that you name, and it makes me sick that you couldn't come up with the names of the women who do the awesome work side-by-side with them.

heroes not heroines 11.Mar.2003 02:57


katu wants HEROS not HEROINES didn't you hear?

oh, lucy! 11.Mar.2003 08:31


i chose white men because of the hero thing. check out the website--it's all white men that they feature.

i work with plenty of women in the antiwar movement. i have many many more women peace activist friends than men.

it makes me sick that you would be so quick to judge me.

sick back atcha, kurt 11.Mar.2003 09:16


I agree with lucy, and in fact, that was the first thought that came into my mind when I read the original article. What about Jenny from sisters of the road? What about any of the many women from indymedia? What about Jean who advocates for the homeless? What about pastor valerie? What about Fern Capella? SO MANY OTHERS.

I think the idea is cool, but face it dude, you FORGOT that women are heros too. Your justification is pathetic..."I chose white guys cuz they wanted heros." WHAT??? "It's all white men they feature." WHAT??? No shit, sherlock. They forgot women and people of color, and FACE IT, so did you. They also only feature soldiers. Guess we should only do that too, right? No, you're asking us to submit alternatives, but you're not going far enough. Stop trying to justify yourself and just acknowledge that yes, you should have confronted your own white guy blinders before posting that list. It's all right, just learn and move on.

To Kurtkabang 11.Mar.2003 09:30


KURT! Come on. "I chose white men because of the hero thing." Are you saying only white men can be heros??? Maybe THEY think so, but do you? Come on. Are you saying that because they seem to think so, you feel it was acceptable to forget about all the women who are doing the same thing as (and often MORE than)the men you've listed?

You do realize, don't you, that their "heros" are also soldiers? Yet you haven't listed a lot of soldiers. Only a lot of white men.

Here. Let me help you.

Dan. He's with Voices in the Wilderness and Copwatch. Right? Are you aware that there are more women than men in V in the W? Or that copwatch was, in fact, FOUNDED by a woman?

Will. PPRC. Again, more women than men involved in the peace movement. Go to a PPRC meeting and take names of women who would be willing to be listed as heros.

Peace elves. Well, maybe some of them are women. Not sure. Do elves have gender?

Pepto Dizmal. A clown band? I'm gonna give you one here, kurt. Maybe you mean the whole band, not just Dingo. Let's face it, that one woman is a better musician anyway. And the other woman is as good as the guys. For what it's worth. (Not trying to diss u pepto...you're just more of a performance act than musicians...right?)

Spark. Indymedia. What about Jennifer, or Bethany, or Elen, or any of the other women who work side by side with him?

With a little effort on your part, you could have found SO many examples of women and people of color to list as "heros." But you didn't, because we tend to be blind to those who are different from the stereotypical standard. That's understandable, as long as you learn from it. But instead of realizing the error of your ways, you've tried to justify the mistake by claiming that, why of COURSE you listed only white males. They wanted HEROS, didn't they? Your assumption that women can't be heros is astonishing.

4/7 11.Mar.2003 14:41


Four of the seven protesters who were arrested yesterday at the Federal Building blockade were women.

peace 19.Sep.2005 14:07

horny sprout anthole17@yahoo.com

OK guys (and gals) the idea here is to unite for strength in the common cause of peace and a better planet.lets all be heroes/heroins and stop the petty bickering. ps dingo is one sexy banjopicker.peaceandlove for girls and boys and trans and fuzzy critters and green growing things. may all beings be well, may all beings be happy, PEACE PEACE PEACE.

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