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VIDEO FILE: Demonstrators Shut Down Portland Federal Building

At noon today, March 10, 2002, seven Portland citizens acting as Weapons Inspectors shut down the Federal Building in downtown Portland for about two hours in opposition to the war in Iraq.
(From the Press Packet)
This civilian resistance is part of an international, popular effort against a war in Iraq. People have been blocking trains transporting US military equipment in Italy and the Netherlands, disabling US military planes in Ireland on their way to the Middle East, and blockading the doors of military recruting stations in San Francisco. "If the US government will not listen as the world boldly declares 'NO WAR IN IRAQ', we as citizens must engage in civil resistance to prevent this illegal, unjust and unnecessary war," said participant Tamara Wallace.
"Why are we spending billions of dollars on a war in Iraq when people at home in Oregon are suffering from under-funded schools and social services?" said another of the blockaders, Josh Raisler Cohn.
In the press packet was information from two groups: Center for Economic and Social Rights
, phone number 718-237-9145 and National Priorities Project, phone numbwer 413-584-9556, concerning the costs and consequences of war in Iraq.
Two other groups mentioned in the Press Packet were Voices in the Wilderness who listed 10 solid reasons for No War With Iraq; and Iraq Peace Pledge who, among other materials, gave a brief background of the conflict in Iraq.
Three web sites for more information:
Education For Peace in Iraq Center
Iraq Peace Team
Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
One remarkable occured when an officer was attempting to move the crowd back to the side walk from the building. Being told that this building belonged to the people, that the government belonged to the people, he replied, "no, they don't." So much for Democracy!!
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Thanks for the video - thanks for the action 10.Mar.2003 20:53


It's true, voices are growing in number and in volume. And I think that a sit in is a good idea. However, this sort of action would be so much stronger, more powerful and more respected if there were a lot more than seven people doing it.

And I think that it would be effortless to find at a minimum a couple of dozen people to do this sort of action. A couple of hundred would be even better. And why not plan a simultaneous action at Federal Buildings across america. Now that would be powerful!

Utilize indymedia in that way. Put out a call to action with a specific time and place and then gather fellow comrades.

We cannot act alone or in small numbers when doing these sort of very public actions. I am not saying that they should not be done, but I think that with just a little more preparation and outreach this could have been a very large and more successful sit in.

So, why don't we plan another sit in country wide with lots of peace loving anti-war people ready to sit for a spell...

bravo.... keep it up people 10.Mar.2003 23:45

citizen bob

Good work. Any (nonviolent) action against the government is good to hear about. Indymedia readers have now heard about it, and hopefully will be inspired to act themselves. The government surely has heard about it... hopefully if this action and pressure is kept up the government will begin to *feel* it too.

It is probably hard to organize something like this and get more than a few people because if any post is put up on indymedia, the police will surely take advantage of the free warning and stop anything before it becomes effective.

To get large and effective actions of civil disobedience, it will have to be organized by word of mouth between trusted (non-cop) friends, or spontaneously started at already large rallies (for instance, the street sitdown on Feb.15).

The most important thing however, is people willing to give this struggle everything they've got. We have rallied and marched with thousands of people here in Portland, and millions worldwide. It is time now to show Washington we are serious. At the next rally there will again be thousands, but this time we will not *just* march around on empty streets of predetermined routes. More important than marching will be the rally: meet up with groups of friends, come together this saturday, and plan what needs to be done next, which will be different from group to group. I'd give you the ideas I've come up with for my group of friends, but I'm not going to make it *that* easy for Portland Police Dept. ;)

good luck.