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Corporate Media Twists Truth on Federal Building Blockade

This is a story about an anti-war protest, but the headline highlights a poll with a margin of error of 4.5 percent--well over the 3 percent limit agreed on by most statisticians.
Majority of Portland adults support military action in Iraq

PORTLAND - With the United States edging closer to war, tensions in Portland are rising.
Around noon on Monday about a half dozen people, protesting war with Iraq, sat down just inside the federal building downtown.

Police locked the entrances while they arrested the protestors. Dozens of people waited to get in, and got into public debates over military action and the right to protest.

Mayor Katz's Chief of Staff stopped by to see what was going on.

Sam Adams told KATU News from the calls the mayor's office has been receiving lately, it's clear people are nervous, jumpy, and worried about what the coming days hold.

Despite protests, an exclusive poll for KATU News conducted by SurveyUSA found 62-percent of Portland area adults say they support United States military action against Iraq.

Twenty-nine percent said they oppose US military action against Iraq.

The poll surveyed 500 Portland area residents. The poll has a margin of error of 4.5 percent.

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