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Update: Portland protestors released after blockade of Federal Building

All seven protestors who were arrested in downtown Portland, Oregon today have been released.
The seven, who attempted to enter the U.S. Federal Building, which houses agencies which are involved in planning the war against the Iraqi people, were arrested and ticketed.
The seven anti-war protestors who successfully shut down the Federal Building in downtown Portland, Oregon were released shortly after 5 PM today.

The seven, who were arrested, held inside the building, given tickets (equivalent to a traffic citation and not subject to a jury trial) had minor bruises during the arrest process, but did not have pepper spray or mace used against them.

Statements from the protestors will be released later.

The initial statement from the seven invoked the Nuremberg trials following WWII, where the leaders of Germany were tried and convicted and hanged for their role in waging wars of aggression against nations which had not invaded them. The United States has announced its intention to invade Iraq even if the United Nations forbids this action while weapons inspections are ongoing.