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HIDDEN WARS OF DESERT STORM @ Clinton Street Theater (4 days left!)

Only four more days to catch this disturbing and essential investigative documentary on Desert Storm...
(NOTE: I saw this Sunday night and was blown away! This film explains in detail the U.S. relationship w/Iraq over the years - and exposes arms trading, use of depleated uranium weapons, Gulf War sickness, results of Iraqi sanctions, etc... IT IS AN ESSENTIAL AND IMPORTANT DOCUMENT OF THE GULF WAR! GO SEE IT!)

@ The Clinton Street Theater (26th and Clinton)
March 7 - 13th (one week only)

US, 2000, Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy, DVD,
80 minutes (shows at 7 and 9pm - Sunday 2pm matinee)

The result of a two-year investigation, this film provides answers to many questions, based on documents never before seen in public, and backed by interviews with prominent military and government personalities.

A large selection of archival footage, an original soundtrack scored by acclaimed composer Fritz Heede and the narration by actor John Hurt all contribute to making HIDDEN WARS a fast-paced, informative documentary, a must-see in light of the latest Iraqi crisis.

for more info on the film, check their website at:


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