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GM activists not guilty

GM activists get let off again.

Pink Castle Victory:
Littlemoor Four Acquitted at Sherborne Magistrates Court, 3.45 PM, March 7th.

The magistrate accepted the defence of all four defendants in that they were acting reasonably to prevent damage to property. In this case, as defined in law, this is all property which is owned. EG - Bee Hives, Maize Crops,
Fields, wild animals not included. He also said that they acted reasonably by locking themselves onto tractors because there were so many tractors and simply standing in front of them would not have prevented the crop being
sown. The defendants gave seriously impressive evidence and absolutely demonstrated their commitment to campaigning, NVDA and their breadth of knowledge on GE. It was a complex summing up and this is just a flavour and
hey, my mind was wandering into excited relief at the time. It was amazing.

The offence related to a maize FSE in Weymouth adjacent to Teddy Bear Woods and the Littlemoor Estate. The defendants and companions built a [fantastic] Pink Castle and staged an occupation of the field. They were 100% successful in preventing any maize seeds germinating on this site!!!!!!! They were arrested under the charge of Aggravated Trespass and their solicitor has said the acquittal is a landmark legal victory and the first time this defence has been successful - one for the history books then?