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A Call for Self-Defense on the Day of Bombing!!

Defensive Tactics, Bike Blocs, Roving Medics...!
The Specter of "official" war looms large and we see the moment upon the horizon. And although we've sanctioned our own passivity against taking to the streets every day to shut down everything possible to prevent a war, we can still organize, train, and prepare for such a moment when no excuses remain: the day Bush finally calls it a war and bombs start tenfold the current campaign!

The People Are implored to join in on that day and stop the war!
Now is the time to start organizing within your respective groups should St. Patrick's Day become D-day or any day after!

Affinity Group Actions must Happen! All people are called upon to from and take part in affinity group actions of all kinds to fight against the war machine!

For the day of Bombing, marches and actions will take place throughout the city. Police violence is REAL and to be EXPECTED on a day when passions and rage will run higher than any other action to date! Affinity Groups must form to take DEFENSIVE measures against police violence in the form of physical violence, arrest, and chemical warfare!!!! A call goes out to all those with experience and interest in defense of the people who will most certainly be attacked here in Portland while the people of Iraq are slaughtered in there cities and towns!

The likelihood of police violence and intense emotional climate means a higher liklihood of injuries to people! A call goes out to all those with medic training to form affinity groups and have teams or roving pairs prepared for the day of bombing to provide medical service to people!

Critical Mass is planned to take place! An awesome event and display of resistance to the oil culture! A call goes out to Critical Mass to work as a Bike Bloc that roves through the streets to provide critical support to those on foot that day!

Let the world remember this day, should it come, that the people rose up against these atrocities in such intense solidarity and with such strength that we could not be silenced, and that all wars waged against the people would soon come to end!