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Our proofs, a simple Fake?

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Our proofs, a simple Fake?
Our proofs, a simple Fake?
The bluebottles Blix and Baradei argue that our proofs about the nuke program of Iraq are simply bare fakes. They argue that North-Korea is an real threat. They sould be very careful because people who travel a lot could be involved in traffic accidents. The frequency of accidents has rise significant by persons working against us. Thats a fact! CIA chief Tennet has told that he has presented all proofs to UN. This guy also just talk nonsense because I've much much more proofs because my name is Powell and nobody ever will catch a sight of them because we needn't. It was decided.
And France should be very careful that they don't get our whole anger and the German should kindly build up the country we will destroy now. Thats a menace!

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F#^K OFF GWBUSH 10.Mar.2003 18:06