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Sit-in at the Federal Building!

Seven protestors wearing NO WAR ON IRAQ stickers have locked arms and decided to sit in, not out, at the Federal Building on SW 3rd and Madison.
Sit-in at the Federal Building!
Sit-in at the Federal Building!
Breaking News!

As of 12:38pm, today, Monday March 10th, seven people are sitting, arms interlocked on the lobby floor of the Portland Federal Building on SW 3rd, between Madison and Jefferson. They are chanting NO MORE WAR and other anti-war messages.

Indymedia reporters have been excluded from the building because they have cameras. Mainstream media is arriving. There are currently 15-20 cops surrounding the 7 protestors.

If you have time, make your way down there and support this vocal, non-violent protest of the Bush Family War.

Federal Building
SW 3rd Ave, between Madison and Jefferson


Federal officers have made people outside stand back about 30 feet but one reporter is able to see through the glass.

People are still sitting... in front of the metal detector ... so no one is coming in or out. Many Federal Building workers are just sitting outside. Federal officers seem to be in no real hurry to move the protestors and are not attempting to engage them.

More news as it comes.

Update as of 1:50pm 10.Mar.2003 13:54


All seven civilian weapons inspectors have been arrested and taken into the bowels of the Federal Building. We do not know where they are being taken. There are rumors pepper spray was used on some of the 'inspectors,' but, as yet, that cannot be verified.

The Federal Building was closed for business for nearly two hours because of this action. They are just now letting people back in. The protestors occupied the building for approximately 45 minutes. Between Portland and Federal police, officers numbered between 20 and 30. Approximately 75 people, including media, stood by and watched the event.

All the corporate media showed up, and hungrily crowded around one man criticizing the protest because he had traveled a good distance to get there, and was inconvenienced. After talking to some people who supported the protest against the Bush war, he admitted he better understood the action and what is really at stake, though he maintained his original opinion. But, what you'll probably see on corporate media will be the convenient proxy for the couch-bound American Consumer, outraged at inconvenience.

sit-in at the iraqi ministry of defense bldg. 10.Mar.2003 15:05


why don't you go to iraq and have a sit in at the ministry of defense building, about 4AM during the third week of march?

no, why don't you, df 10.Mar.2003 15:31


DF: Aren't you one of those who believe your glorious fuhrer's claims about the dire danger of Saddam's evil weapons of mass destruction? Don't you also believe the claims of your fuhrer that his "smart bombs" will surgically remove only the evildoers, while saving Iraqis and liberating them from evil Saddam? Accordingly, doesn't it follow that YOU should be the one sitting in in Baghdad against the evil Saddam, seeing as how your fuhrer's smart bombs will perfectly insure your safety?