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IRAQ REPUBLICAN GUARD DEFECTOR: 'A chemical attack is guaranteed'...

Iraq does not have chemical weapons. No Really. They never had them.

An Iraqi defector has told Sky News that Saddam Hussein will use chemical weapons if the country is invaded.

His warning comes amid revelations Saddam Hussein may be planning to use pilotless drone planes to spray British and US troops with anthrax and sarin gas if they attack.

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impossible, iraq doesn't have WMD 10.Mar.2003 10:44


This is impossible, because Saddam has said he doesn't have W.M.D. and only Bu$h lies, not Saddam..

lol 10.Mar.2003 11:49


"Saddam Hussein may be planning to use pilotless drone planes"

Didn't know that "w" had provided Saddam with drones.
Wonder what they will come up with next =D

yeah, the arabs are too stupid to make them 10.Mar.2003 15:11


bush had to supply drones to them. they are too stupid to make them for themselves.

isnt' that your point?

isn't GW totality of evil in the entire world?

I mean everything that ever happened that was bad in the world, Bush was the cause right?

you need to see a professional about your disorders..

hey 'fdf' 10.Mar.2003 23:35

= )

you're the 'professional disorder'--as Disinformationalist Troll.

The UN doesn't agree about Bu$h's war . . .

whatcha gonna dew about it, Big Strong Brave Man?

have another tantrum?
hey 'fdf'
hey 'fdf'