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Petition the Pope

Easier than the e-mail I asked of all of you to send.
There is now an easier way for you to get your desire to ask the Pope, Dali Lama, et al, to go to Baghdad to bring a temporary truce into effect. This is something that everyone, regardless of "tactics of dissent" bent could do: so all you soccer moms, liberal left marchers, black bloc, radical anarchists, veterans against the war, no-war-without-approval folks, read this e-mail I recieved and make up you mind to just click on a web site and type your name, that's all you have to do.

A few days ago I asked you to send an email to His Holiness Pope John Paul II, asking him to personally intervene in the conflict with Iraq by traveling to Baghdad, and to invite other religious and spiritual leaders to join him. I believe that this would immediately halt plans by the US government to begin bombing the Iraqi people, giving the UN inspectors and world politicians more time to find a peaceful solution.

We are now going to take this a step further. I am asking for at least a million people to add their names to a petition that I can present to His Holiness as quickly as possible, imploring him to help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq. We will also present the same petition to His Holiness the Dalai Lama through an emissary, asking him to join the Pope. (They have been partners in peace before, most notably at the historic peace gathering that took place in Assisi in 1986.)


We do not have much time, and so I am asking that you add your name today, and pass this email to as many people as you can. I am personally sending it to 100,000 people, so the goal is well within our reach. If the Pope and the Dalai Lama hear the voices of so many dedicated Spiritual Peacemakers calling for their presence, they may actually respond.

Simply go to  http://www.emissaryoflight.com and click on the link at the top of the page. You will then be asked to read the following statement, and if you agree, add your name:

"We believe that a spiritual solution is required to peacefully resolve the current political situation in Iraq, and we believe that the presence in Iraq of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and other spiritual leaders from around the world, would shift the current tide toward lasting peace. We humbly ask you to please consider this heartfelt request from a million Spiritual Peacemakers to take time from your schedule and travel to Baghdad. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and the hope of world peace, may lie in your hands."

There is no time to waste. The war could begin almost any day, and so we hope to have all million names by March 18. Help us reach our goal in one week!!!

In the event that the war breaks out before I am able to personally deliver this petition, we have two contingency plans:

1. Each day we will forward the names that are posted on the site to the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and GEORGE BUSH himself. We don't want these men to become aware of this important campaign after it happens, but while it's in full force. Imagine them getting 200,000 names a day, or more, on a file. We will also post the name count we have collected and sent each day at www.emissaryoflight.com so you can check in and monitor our progress.

2. We will immediately forward all million names (via Internet) to an emissary in Rome who will copy and deliver the document to the Pope. We will do the same for the Dalai Lama.

Please hold the success of peace and this mission of peace in your hearts. But most of all, please add your name today, and pass this email to everyone you know.

Peace Prevails on Earth NOW!

James Twyman

James Twyman is the "Peace Troubadour" and when he is not traveling resides in Ashland, Or.
Helen Caldicott Asks You to Contact the Pope 10.Mar.2003 11:16

Dr. Helen Caldicott (re-post)



Published on Thursday, March 6, 2003 by the Toronto Star

Peace Activist Implores Pope to be 'Ultimate Human Shield'

'Only person' who can stop Iraq war
Helen Caldicott sets up campaign

by Leslie Scrivener

Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of the world's most determined peace activists, is imploring Pope John Paul II to go to Baghdad as he is the "only person on earth who can stop this war" in Iraq.

Caldicott has organized a letter writing and e-mail petition, urging people around the world to write to the 82-year-old Pope asking him to travel to Baghdad and stay there until peace has been achieved.

"Your physical presence in Baghdad will prevent the impending slaughter of hundreds of thousands of human beings," her letter says.

The Australian-born Caldicott, who has written extensively on the nuclear threat, is a former Harvard professor, founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility and subject of the award winning film If You Love This Planet.

In her letter, circulated on the Internet, she urges ordinary people to make their opposition to war known and send a "mountain" of letters, e-mails, faxes and phone calls to the Vatican to persuade the Pope of the need for his immediate, unprecedented action.

"The Pope's presence in Iraq will act as the ultimate human shield," she writes. Though the Bush administration has shown "no reservations about slaughtering up to 500,000 innocents in Iraq, there is one person whose life they absolutely will not risk. That person is Pope John Paul II."

[[Note: To see Dr. Caldicott's Appeal to the Pope, and her sample letter, just go to the Common Dreams URL.]]



by Joe Keon (re-post)



Dear Friends:
Word has reached us that the Vatican has blocked the original e-mail we sent out giving the address [ accreditamenti@pressva.va], apparently due to an overwhelming response to Dr. Helen Caldicott's appeal to write the Pope, urging him to fly to Iraq. The new e-mail address given above has worked so far, but we urge you to send both e-mail AND an AIRMAIL letter, so as to assure your communication reaches the Pope. We think that the arrival of sacks of mail at the Vatican (in anticipation of which the media has been notified) will have its own impact.

Thank you for passing on this update!

NEW VATICAN E-MAIL ADDRESS:  pcjustpax@justpeace.va

His Holiness John Paul II
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City State Europe


** Because there is a chance the Vatican will activate an e-mail screen after a certain point, THE VERY BEST ACTION YOU CAN TAKE WOULD BE A HAND-WRITTEN NOTE SENT BY AIR MAIL.