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Open Letter Regarding IRAQ

Subject: United Nations, United States, Material Breach, and Iraq
The definition of an ally is a friendly nation or group of nations coming together to fight a common enemy (any armed adversary, especially a member of an opposing military force); Saddam Hussein is that common enemy.

Saddam Hussein has murdered, gassed, and raped his own people, who, by the way have no choice in his presidency. Yet, in 2003, our supposed allies (the people we have helped for years by fighting battles and handing money to them) believe that the war we choose to fight is unnecessary. Yes, it is unnecessary, if Saddam Hussein had co-operated with the United Nations and us fully. Saddam Hussein cannot half step this process of eliminating weapons of mass destruction. Yes, it is unnecessary, if Saddam Hussein was not harboring terrorists. Yes, it is unnecessary, if Saddam Hussein was not hiding a well thought out weapons plan consisting of the most dangerous chemicals in existence. This war has been necessary for decades.

What group or body of sane humans has the right to say that the United States is fighting over oil or anything other than to prevent more nations from taking up terrorist activities? If this were a fight over oil, everyone but the US should be involved in it. After all, we do not get as much if any oil as the French do from Iraq. I say go forward and enforce the treaty by any means necessary. I also say to cut France and Germany off of any financial help. If it were not for the United States all of France would have been speaking German since 1917. If it were not for the United States, France would not exist today because we bankrolled their bankrupt country in the 50's. If it were not for the United States, France would have suffered another humiliating defeat in Vietnam just as they did in Algeria.

I truly believe we are 100 % correct and justified in attacking Iraq. They put themselves in this breach of contract and now they are not full trying to get out of a war it without living up to their responsibilities.

People are comparing Bush to Hitler and then praising Saddam Hussein. It is the most horrifying thing that I have seen. "The inspections are working. Saddam is co-operating." Oh yea, except for one thing, what was Saddam working on any kind of weapons program from 1991 anyway? There was already a broken agreement and as evidenced with the recent findings of the Al-Samoud 2 missiles that Saddam was hiding and only after being found destroys while others weapons of mass destruction are more than likely being manufactured as you read this.

This is not about what the UN inspectors can find - it is about Iraq complying fully with the UN and disclosing his weapons of mass destruction. What else is Saddam hiding and not telling the UN? He is playing a deadly childish games of cat and mouse with his nation's security and wellbeing of its people. The security of Iraq and the world are at steak by allowing such a ruthless dictator to remain in power.

On killing of innocent people, it is true, innocent lives are going to be lost, by no means is it intentional. Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Hitler very much lied and covertly intentionally killed innocent people, unlike President Bush, who has peppered Iraq with warnings of impending war. Imagine that, Iraqi citizens do not have the freedom of choice. Do not tell me that you do not think that the people of Iraq would rise against Saddam if they had a chance. Saddam Hussein has more power than HIS PEOPLE; George Bush does not have more power than THE PEOPLE as he is a man of the people by the people and for the people of the United States and entrusted with the great powers of presidency.

America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and proud of all we have. America is not a perfect country but a far better one than any other is. America is the land of opportunity, a country that people all over the world come to be a part of. I am proud to say that I am an American, a supporter of our Government. As an American I can say that I of all people do not want a war, but I also know American know that if need be I must sacrifice everything I hold dear in order to stand up for our country and protect our people, in this home of the free and the brave.

We are still recovering in the U.S. trying to hold our heads up high after the 9-11 terrorist attack, even though we are afraid to walk on the streets without Gas Masks, duct tape, and other survival materials. Some are still afraid to open their own mail. If any other country were in this fix, they would expect prompt assistance from the U.S. and we would probably give our full support. Why do the members of the UN and allies of United States not want us to attempt to stop terrorism against the United States?

The systematic use of violence as a means to intimidate or coerce societies or governments, we are losing the War on Terrorism because of our allies' intimidation to rise up against it. How do you expect to win the War on Terrorism without the use of force? In the US, people are TERROR-fied, to fly on airplanes, people are TERROR-fied to open their own mail, and people are TERROR-fied when walking the streets. What it comes down to is that, the world is terrified of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. WHY NOT FIGHT FOR THE FALL OF TERRORISM?

We as Americans cannot want a war and pray for a better resolution but we must realize that this country we call America would not be what it is today if we had not stood on the battlegrounds. Yes, war is not an easy position for us or a decision we take lightly however, it is what is brought before us, and we will not cower. If we do not try to stop terrorism then we might as well just lie down and not be America anymore, we, as Americans are strong and ready for justice for the world and us. My hope is that the United Nations will stand strong and not become an irrelevant debating club. The United Nations needs to stand firm with its resolutions and be fully prepared to hand down more than just words.

What America wants is freedom from terrorism. If you allow a weed such as terrorism to take hold, it will grow uncontrollable from cell to cell and country to country.
Patriotism Is Blind 10.Mar.2003 10:38

Freedom Fighter

Dear Friend,
Your letter seems to parrot the misinformation that is being irresponsibly reported in the US media. Your definition of an ally sounds as though it came from a military manual. According to Webster's, the definition of an ally is: 1. a nation, group, or person that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose. The definition that you provided implies that the only reason that exists to work together is to kill and destroy. It is extremely dangerous to allow your own blind fear to cloud your reasoning.

Saddam Hussein is a prime example of where your definition of an ally can result in catastrophe, and that money is a poor substitute for a true ally. He (Saddam) did seem to be an ally during the years that he was helped by the CIA, and supplied with deadly weapons of mass destruction by western corporations in order to fight battles against the Iranians. This short-sighted approach has of course resulted in strengthening Saddam's grip. The CIA continues to actively support terrorism, and should be disbanded following the incarceration of the CIA members responsible for this activity. Of course, the western corporations that have provided dangerous materials to war criminals, also share in the responsibility for the atrocities, and they must be shut down and their leaders brought to justice.

With all of the resources that are being directed in an attempt to justify a war with Iraq, it is becoming increasingly clear that little justification exists. So many US intelligence claims have been proven to be completely false, that it is almost inconceivable that US intelligence is so desperately inept. Whether it is gross incompetence, or intentional disinformation, these reports are destroying what little American credibility remains. When you repeat these allegations without any support, you are assisting in America's discreditation.

Here in the US, of course, we have a leader that was not elected by the people, but instead came to power by massive election fraud, and political favors. The person in control of the US executive office also allowed the September 11 attacks, despite numerous clear warnings, and it is becoming increasingly clear that he allowed these attacks to occur, simply to advance his twisted vision of a brutal US empire. Since one of the most effective and respected methods of leadership is by example, the best US approach may well be to arrest the suspected coup conspirators, and allow them to defend themselves on treason charges. Restoring democracy in the US is the best way that we can promote democracy around the world.

It is not the right, but the duty of informed people in a 'free' society to help others understand the facts in matters as serious as war. The proposed war on Iraq is, of course, not simply a war for oil. Control over oil resources is obviously a primary intent, but it is also about undermining international law, legitimizing torture, chemical, and nuclear weapons, funneling money to military and oil industry contractors, and setting the stage for the US dictators to bully the world as they see fit. Anyone that is familiar with global economics is aware that it does not matter much whether or not a customer purchases a world commodity like oil directly. Customers are affected by the prices that are largely determined by supply levels. Since the US economy is so shamefully dependant on cheap foreign oil, this situation puts the US empire in serious jeopardy.

France would certainly have far more to gain if it were to support the US empire in an illegitimate war of aggression, an share in the spoils if the war is successful. Obviously, there would be no United States if France had not stepped in during the Revolutionary War, to help the US defeat the British. For the US to step in and accept a humiliating defeat in Vietnam, in place of France, seems to have been a horrific mistake and I don't understand why you see this to be a positive move.

True, the similarities between Bush and Hitler are substantial, and in fact there is a rich history of the Bush family as Nazi collaborators, however, this is certainly no reason to praise Saddam Hussein, and that is why there is no such praise coming from the people of western societies who are opposed to an illegal aggression against Iraq. As far as accepting war based on a minor technicality with respect to the range of the Al-Samoud 2 missiles, that is an awfully weak case among the many rotating and often fabricated US reasons for waging war. The only place where these missiles are being manufactured, is in your imagination, and there is zero evidence to indicate otherwise.

Luckily, we are not dependant on either Saddam, or the embarrassingly poor US intelligence community, to determine the level of Iraqi compliance. Instead, the world community has decided to send in a group of well-trained experts to make that determination based on fact instead of hype and baseless allegations.

As I mentioned previously, Bush came to power by massive voter fraud and political favors. This is becoming quite well known, and you may refer to Greg Palast's coverage of this fraud if you would like to find out more. It is not enough to claim to be brave and free. There is nothing brave about killing people by remote control, nothing brave about killing 500,000 Iraqi children in the name of some imagined National Security interest. Anyone who supports the policies of George W. Bush, is supporting a greedy coward, a military deserter, a war criminal, a man that has taken control of the US Executive office by fraud, has complete contempt for the US Constitution, and is bent on using fear and intimidation in order to stampede the US public towards Fascism, and a man who lacks the foresight to manage natural resources in a way that would allow the human race to survive into the next century. Bush may not be nearly as intelligent as Hitler, but he obviously has the same delusional notions of global domination, and should be considered armed and dangerous until we take the opportunity to bring him to justice for his apparent crimes.

Many brave US citizens have refused to buy in to the hype that you appear to have fallen victim to. In fact, despite the parade of fear and deception that the US media has ramrodded down the throats of the US public, I haven't seen anyone so scared that they are behaving as hysterically as you depict here. Bush, the CIA, and the others who appear to be responsible for allowing and/or assisting in the execution and subsequent cover-up attempt of 9/11, will eventually be brought to justice. There are still enough brave US citizens who truly believe in democracy and the rule of law, to ensure that this will occur.

Many people are fed up with terrorism, and we will continue to demand that the US immediately end its worldwide campaign of terrorism, and that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

Fortunately, the UN has demonstrated its credibility by so far resisting the bullying attempts of the fraudulent US representatives, and insisting that the US abide by international law as required by the UN Charter. It is truly he credibility of these US representatives that is at stake, and not the relevance of the UN, as claimed by these suspected war criminals.

I think what most people want is freedom from the contrived fear that the suspected Bush terrorist collaborators are trying to sell. It appears that you have fallen victim to this propaganda effort, but it is not too late for you to educate yourself and join those who are prepared to fight for democracy, and against corporate servitude. Its not too late, so please join us.