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POSTERS for Day War Starts events

Communities all over Southern Cascadia have announced plans for what they will do the day that bombing/invasion starts in Iraq. Here's some posters that have been made to promote the events in Portland. Please upload other posters and events here for people to see.

Communities all over Southern Cascadia have announced plans for what they will do the day that bombing/invasion starts in Iraq. In Portland, people will meet at Terry Shrunk Plaza downtown at 4:00 that day, or at 4:00 the next day if the attacks start after 4. Additionally, Student Strikes are planned at area colleges and universities.

For details about plans around the entire southern cascadia region, from ashland to eugene to silverton to the columbia gorge, check out the pdx indymedia STOP WAR page.


[ 8 1/2 x 11 PDF ]

[ 8 1/2 x 11 PDF ]

[ 8 1/2 x 11 PDF ]

[ 8 1/2 x 11 PDF ]

Student strikes planned!
There is also a student strike planned for the day bombing begins. The plan is to leave classes at 2:00, meet in places listed below at each school, and then march or transport some other way to the rally at 4:00. If announcement comes after 2:00 or on the weekend, the strike will be the next day. There is gonna be a ton of students out there. If you're a student, be there, and if you have questions contact any of the folks below. Oh yeah, and check the website for other announcements sign up for our mailing list there. IF WAR STARTS AMERICA STOPS!!!!

  • Lewis and Clark
    Meet at shuttle stop in front of Templeton
    Contact: Deborah Schwartz, (503)768-8311, deborah@lclark.edu
  • Oregon State University
    NOON: Rally & Peace Vigil at Memorial Union Quad
    Contact: Angus McBrian, (541)760-8881, mangus@resist.ca
  • PCC-Cascade
    Meet at Student Center
    Contact: Shannon Polermo, (503)240-4315, spalermo@hotmail.com
  • PCC-Sylvania
    Meet at uppermall in CC building, under the clock
    Contact: Justin Elder, (503)892-8777, justinelder21@hotmail.com
  • Portland State University
    Meet in the park blocks by PSU
    Contact: Tom Mooney, (503)892-8777, mooney@pdx.edu
  • Reed
    Meet at Eliot Circle
    Contact: Liana Foxvog, (503)517-5308, liana@reed.edu

When the Bombs Drop, Ashland Stops! 08.Mar.2003 09:36

sapsucker sapsucker@ziplip.com

The first day the US military begins the invasion of Iraq
gather in the plaza, downtown Ashland, @ 12:00 noon

Create a plan, organize an affinity group
whatever you do, do not hesitate!

Keep posted about upcoming spokescouncil meetings to be announced soon!

Try supporting the troops! 09.Mar.2003 22:21

they need your help.

Try supporting the troops!

Its up to you, and you are free to do what you want, but when the war starts, but by continuing to protest you run a big risk of looking like a bunch of small, bitter, snide, self-serving assholes.

The rest of the country more than likely will close ranks and rally around the war, like they have with every conflict since Vietnam. (Grenada, Panama, Gulf War I, etc.)

hELP 10.Mar.2003 12:27


Could someone help change the text on this downloadable poster so I can use it in Eugene. I am ambitious to help, but relatively illiterate on the computer. Anyone?

east - west college? 18.Mar.2003 14:35


anyone from east-west college plan on getting involved?

Support the war 18.Mar.2003 15:42

pro-war Bush

what is the point in protesting and destroying property, why can't you all just support are troops that are out there, they are giving there lives to make your life better.

Your point being? 18.Mar.2003 21:55


I wholeheartedly support the right to protest. This is the United States of America: that's what freedom means. I am definitely not a Bush supporter, although I think Iraq's WMD programs must be stopped. Be that as it may, I fail to see how stopping me from getting across town is going to affect the outcome of (or the USA's involvement in) military action around the globe.

east-west 19.Mar.2003 08:25


no one from east-west has contacted us regarding the student walkout, but don't let that stop YOU from organizing something! contact us at  nwcpc@yahoo.com and we can send you flyers or details. or send us email addresses and we can add folks to our announcement listserv.

Americans deserve no better than Iraqis today 20.Mar.2003 16:37


Anyone who complains about any disruptions in this country by antiwar protesters needs to explain why Americans deserve to have their lives run any more smoothly than Iraqis. Their government is about to unleash a sh*tstorm on a defenseless people. People in Iraq can hardly even buy food or water now.