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98.67% of the Students at Berkley DID NOT Protest!

this week, the "BIG" student protest too place.. (yawn)

here are the numbers (look them up for your self!)
98.67% of the Students at Berkley DID NOT Protest!

at the University of California at Berkeley, with a student enrollment
of 22,593, only 300 protested. When you break that down, that's 98.67% of the student body not protesting.


homepage: homepage: http://mfile.akamai.com/5020/wma/rushlimb.download.akamai.com/5020/clips/03/03/030703_6_protests.asx

Thats a shame 07.Mar.2003 21:16


There were estimates between 500 and 1500 students in Ashland, Oregon. That's 5% of the population of the whole town. It was a blast.

Does the war have support? 07.Mar.2003 22:05


If the war really had that much support, then there would be nothing for the administration to worry about. There would be no need for blowhard pundits to carry on about it if there was no issue.

If you are in a boat, and that boat was leaking in a number of places you would first go to try to stop up the worst leaks. A place where there was only a little trickle you wouldn't worry about until the bad ones were patched.

So... how is America today? Everything Ship Shape?

The reason why Rush, who did not care to participate in Vietnam, is carrying on about this one is because we are going into a war with public opionion split down the middle. And usually during a war support drops.

As an American I wish I could say that we are in the right and we are doing the right thing now. But I know that's not true. Most of the people who support the war know at some level that something is not quite right. So that's why they come here.

People do not argue about things which are obviously true or false, they argue about things that are in question. And this war is a very big question.

propaganda 07.Mar.2003 23:49


There have been a number of posts across IMCs with the exact same format as the original post above, but with different universities and some-such as examples.

Troll'in Troll'in Troll'in
Keep those fingers type'n
Even when U-r Gripe'n

(sung to the tune Raw Hide, if you didn't get it ;-)

. 08.Mar.2003 02:07

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

Those are some damned good statistics. I have done a lot of research on the interwebnet and come up with surprisingly similar, yet altogether conflicting results. For example: You claim that "this week, the "BIG" student protest too place..(yawn)". I respectfully disagree. I believe that it was the "impressive" student protest that "took" place. "Too" place implies too much place. How can one have too much place for a protest? The bigger the space, the better the place, as a friend of mine once said.
You also presented links to literature from Rush Limbaugh to back up your claims. Need I remind you that Mr. Limbaugh is currently under investigation for terrorism against the United States? That's correct: He attempted to eat all the food in the White House while on a visit there, an act which would have starved the entire staff to death. Fortunately, the S.S. (Secret Service) apprehended him and are now holding him in a large piano case "at his majesty's pleasure".
Take that, you scoundrel!

oink if you love Rush 08.Mar.2003 09:27

Homer Simpson

OINK! 09.Mar.2003 01:22


I'll be watching the war on my big screen TV and snacking high on the food chain, and knowing that every explosion I see is a million dollar bomb, paid for with borrowed money against a would be socialist utopia, pleases me to no end.

Oink Oink