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Our FBI spotted the plot in plenty of time. The Few got the message and figured, if they were still in

simulators, it would be a while, like months. Dubya and co. were nervous. With nothing but Enrons

unraveling to think about, and congress ready to get their air time, what to do?

Our FBI spotted the plot in plenty of time. The Few got the message and figured, if they were still in

simulators, it would be a while, like months. Dubya and co. were nervous. With nothing but Enrons

unraveling to think about, and congress ready to get their air time, what to do?

T.Roosevelt had the Maine right?, so what if it was an accident.

Hey what about Lyndon Johnson? Hell he only had a phony radar report in a storm. Halfway around world!

George you are hot now. 70% ya right. your spin works with wwf fans.

You seek guidance from the GOP bible. n for nixon..... no wonder he got shot down.

he was backin out of the only war we had going

Russians loved him, he went to china! evil press, protestors, grand jury .

lucky guy he had a war! , a real one. No Marshal Law?

Stifle the press, crush dissent, and let more 90 day wonders learn the beauty of collateral damage?

George thinks, a gas crisis wouldn't be enough. He needs something Big! On the last page

Of Nixons story is a news clip from chicago. an airliner blew up while landing, killing nixon's friend's wife,

who was bringing cash and evidence to save her husband and friends. A Key person.

Who in the circle could pull something off like this. Talk to Pug Winokur they say.

Remember '96 playboy bill and free economy? crooks like us couldn't steal an honest buck.

With all the loot Pug stole from HUD he bought himself a law to get all the assets of everyone. Billions were missing but HUD's records blew up with the Murrah building in ok city ok.

convicted of a crime. All the property he got, made him the biggest slumlord in America.

How can he help me? Be careful boy, Pug is ruthless. That minority Commerce Secretary

Clinton appointed didn't want to get it. He was for helping little people. Dubya chuckles..

Pug had a ton of cash, and like all crooks want to be respectable. A cherry outfit, 4.0,

employees the pick of the litter , from the military's High Tech aviation program. They

fix every complex system, handle upgrades , and do hush hush stuff. Trouble was they were a

public company. Pugs friends changed that, he threw in his cash and belched.

Ron Brown , what happened to him? Pugs outfit works on 200 kinds of planes , critical stuff

. in '96 it was 98% military.

A business junket is put together by the guy filling in for Pug while he's doing enron.

Ron brown, his whole staff, 2 offshore bankers who know too much, and a technician that

Pugs friend at Tyco mentioned, and many ceo types. They are on the same plane used by Hillary and Chelsea

the week before to visit the holyland. While getting ready to leave for the Balkins , Pugs

standin, Dan Bannister , who may be ignorant of the plan, recieves a call and excuses himself from the trip.

On approach the plane crashed , all 36 killed except a stewardess. Att sub. system sold out to Tyco.

Billions flowed offshore. Pug had clintons attention.

all scenario's are within Dyncorp's technology expertise, that and much more....................

Wow George says, will he help me? sure partner, it'll be a doozy There will be so much to think about

the masses won't know nothin. And anyone that does get it, will drown in fervor and patriotism,

and belief in their leader. Who's doing that ?? W asks. your double..........

arabs are taking flying lessons blame them. military needs an enemy

for the wtc we need 2 transponders , auto pilot will track right too them.

we over ride manual control with the system developed for the faa, for emergency or hijack .

we can mute any audio signal.

the pentagon is different. the part under construction is it. we'll remote from a Lear jet trailing

For drama, the fourth plane, say it's heading for the white house. heroic struggle, it augers in.

We'll shoot it down in cow country. anybody see's anything , so what ?.


too many people saw the lear jet at the pentagon. that'll fade

cow country plow , ' we saw it shot down', swamp gas , the debris was only spread 3 miles?

Amazingly fast work to I.D. the "hijackers" none were on the passenger manifests

why the antrax.? To put the fear of God into them pesky Democrats.

While they're gone , we'll put through the "Patriot" act.. And 200$ billion to Lockeed.

Where did you get the anthrax? Pug has anthrax smallpox everything, lots of it

How come they couldn't trace it? pug has 5 places that fix mailbags and stuff.

How come fighters were not scrambled from Andrews?

Pug's guys run the radar, all communications, fix all the airplanes..... off switch...G giggles

since 9-11 his outfit has complete control of andrews

And got a fat contract to care for Airforce 1 & 2 and all the planes the senators and congressmen fly in....................

they will think twice before crossing you junior

Ok , what did he get out of clinton besides monica's phone number?

He wanted his own army.....you are kidding... constitution ok's it if you are projecting our power.

Pug the king of bottomfeeders had a lead on a whole lot of agent orange. It is hazardous waste.

He has the "goods" on someone that gets him into the EPA. he gets it for nothing

Squeezes Clinton who ok's roundup. that cost money. gw oks orange with X4 and more

. Makes a bundle poisoning central and south america. Damn Indians in ecuador are suing him,
The EPA pays him a bundle for cleaning up

hazardous waste, and he gets paid to study the effects on people. lots on epa

What about coffee and chocolate? we're assured they fly within feet of their target, Paul Wellstone

went there to observe...Paul and his group were doused with overspray.

Where pug is dumping his hazardous waste, is a fertile land with many subsistence farms.

some of these people shoot at Pugs helecopters , so his pilots , ex-military, fly above harms way

and the mist drifts where it will. this toxin is believed to cause genetic damage , and serious health

effects. The us sponsored government cannot get its aid, over 1 billion per year. without allowing it.

Of course pug has to spend to keep the drug war charade going. more for Pug

He gets paid to monitor the low income housing he owns. Gets paid by the DEA for information and helps

get an airtight bust. then the justice Dept. pays him to build a case. Then he's paid to help

prosecute. Pug's contribution to making america safer(i'm puking) a bill he bought for himself

the asset forfeiture bill is his and his alone. He seizes, sets value, and disposes of all assets.

His holding company snaps up all property, which makes him king of slumlords. Wait!

He controls info for the bureau of Prisons , and owns the inmate phone system. $2 a minute.

The arrest and conviction rate for non-violent substance arrests has skyrocketed.

Pug pushed the law through that evicts a tenant if anyone they know smoke pot.

It makes no sense except to Pug. He keeps the deposit. Hud pays the rent on an

empty place until another target is found. too sweet ...he still runs the info at HUD.

the weirdest law he's paid for is no college financial aid for young people with any substance

conviction. Murder, rape, robbery ok??????

what about the his own army? recruits the best right out of the service. spec.ops. guys , killers, spooks.

He also has an international police force. Out of country they enjoy diplomatic immunity.

All major media fear him. when called before a commitee to answer some questions about his

role at enron , finance chairman. He said he was kept in the dark by his accountant, and misled

by the daily employees. the guy quizing said ok Mr. Winokur. a.andersen was and is still Pug's beancounter

look at the software he controls. follow the links and judge for yourself
the most damning one from a division called dynmeridian. hazardous chemical testing on children
I sent it out allover and their whole site is out.

homepage: homepage: http://dyncorp.com

big brother 07.Mar.2003 21:57


News Release -- March 7, 2003


Acquisition Boosts CSC's Homeland Defense Profile,
Strengthens Overall Presence in U.S. Federal Marketplace

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., March 7, 2003 - Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) today announced that the company has completed its acquisition of DynCorp. The announcement follows approval of the acquisition by the holders of a majority of the outstanding DynCorp shares at a special stockholder's meeting held earlier today.

Each of the approximately 10,800,000 outstanding DynCorp shares was converted into $15 in cash and 1.3940 shares of CSC stock. CSC also assumed and paid off all of DynCorp's interest bearing debt which totaled approximately $306.0 million, including principal prepayment premiums and accrued interest.

CSC expects the acquisition to be accretive to earnings for fiscal 2004 excluding the impact of a special charge related to the transaction.

"We are pleased to conclude this acquisition, which greatly strengthens our leadership position in the U.S. federal marketplace and furthers our strategic goals of delivering continued growth and increased shareholder value," said CSC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Van B. Honeycutt. "This transaction provides CSC with increased access to the growing federal information technology services market and expands our service delivery capabilities. As a result, CSC is ideally positioned to provide on a global basis a greater breadth of end-to-end solutions to both civil agencies and the Department of Defense."

DynCorp, ranked among the largest U.S.-based, employee-owned technology and outsourcing firms prior to the acquisition, becomes part of CSC's Federal Sector business unit, based in Falls Church, Va. The combined Federal Sector organization is expected to derive approximately $6 billion in annual revenue from the federal government (based upon estimated fiscal 2003 year-end revenues) and have approximately 40,000 employees serving the U.S. government in 750 locations worldwide.

"Today clearly marks a pivotal moment in the history of DynCorp and in the lives and careers of the thousands of people who are, and have been, an integral part of this great company," DynCorp President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Lombardi said earlier today. "With the merger completed, we now move on to new, exciting career opportunities for employees and vastly expanded offerings for our customers."

The service offerings and technologies of CSC's newly expanded Federal Sector organization strengthen the company's substantial existing capabilities to support the new Department of Homeland Security. The acquisition also affords CSC greater capability, depth and presence in federal outsourcing, base and range operations, telecommunications, training and simulation, and the federal healthcare market.

"We are delighted to welcome the skilled and dedicated employees of DynCorp to CSC," said Paul Cofoni, president of CSC's Federal Sector unit. "Almost 50 percent of CSC's employees, myself included, came to the company by way of merger, acquisition or outsourcing. We are committed to ensuring that this transition is as seamless as possible to both our customers and our work force."

The combination of CSC and DynCorp, he noted, creates an organization that ranks as the third largest U.S. federal information technology (IT) contractor and a top ten Department of Defense contractor.

Founded in 1959, Computer Sciences Corporation is one of the world's leading IT services companies. CSC's mission is to provide customers in industry and government with solutions crafted to meet their specific challenges and enable them to profit from the advanced use of technology.

With approximately 90,000 employees, including more than 26,000 from CSC's March 7, 2003 acquisition of DynCorp, CSC provides innovative solutions for customers around the world by applying leading technologies and CSC's own advanced capabilities. These include systems design and integration; IT and business process outsourcing; applications software development; Web and application hosting; and management consulting. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., CSC reported revenue of $11.3 billion for the 12 months ended Dec. 27, 2002. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.csc.com.

All statements and assumptions in this press release that do not directly and exclusively relate to historical facts constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements represent the current expectations and beliefs of Computer Sciences Corporation, but are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results described in such statements. For a description of these factors, see the section titled "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations; Forward-Looking Statements" in CSC's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended December 27, 2002.

count 1 07.Mar.2003 22:07


CSC Credit Services provides a wide range of consumer credit reporting, mortgage reporting, and portfolio and communications solutions to more than 52,000 credit grantors nationwide. Through its affiliation with Equifax, the largest provider of consumer information in the United States, Credit Services gives credit grantors access to more than 200 million consumer credit files nationwide. CSC Credit Services facilitates the transaction process for its clients by providing services and systems that help grant all types of consumer and mortgage credit, manage receivables, acquire new accounts, market new products and manage risk. Credit Services' direct-to-consumer services include providing consumers with the option to order their credit reports online.

The CIA's DynCorp involved in child sex trade 08.Mar.2003 06:26


"DynCorp... should not be allowed anywhere near Bosnia," says the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bosnia


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