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imperialism & war

Anti-war Poster

This poster shows that even conservatives and key military figures are concerned about this war.
Anti-war Poster
Anti-war Poster
Poster is 11 x 17. Use freely.

Kill a Conservative

Right wingers ain't opposed to war. They are only motivated by a cynical "cost-benefit" issues. These bastards could care less how many people they kill--as long it benefits Imperialist America's interest they will support it.

Most of the comments you cite are disgusting in terms of this kind of twisted and self-serving American logic. If you think you can build an antiwar movement following these kind of Right Wing military thugs, you are seriously deluded.

These same war criminals will be the first ones cheering and celebrating if the USA is successful in terms of enslaving IRaq.

drop the divisive hate 08.Mar.2003 00:28

transactional analyst

" - They are only motivated by a cynical "cost-benefit" issues - "

So it is anyone who **values** life.

LIKING is the emotion that initiates and maintains an altruistic partnership. It is, roughly, a willingness to offer someone a favour, and is directed to those who appear willing to offer favours back. We like people who are nice to us, and we are nice to people whom we like.

ANGER protects a person whose niceness has left her vulnerable to being cheated. When the exploitation is discovered, the person classifies the offending act as unjust and experiences indignation and a desire to respond with moralistic aggression: punishing the cheater by severing the relationship and sometimes hurting him. Many psychologists have remarked that anger has moral overtones; almost all anger is righteous anger. Furious people feel they are aggrieved and must redress an injustice.

GRATITUDE calibrates the desire to reciprocate according to the costs and benefits of the original act. We are grateful to people when their favour helps us a lot and has cost them a lot.

SYMPATHY, the desire to help those in need, may be an emotion for earning gratitude. If people are most grateful when they most need the favour, a person in need is an opportunity to make an altruistic act go farthest.

GUILT can rack a cheater who is in danger of being found out. H.L. Mencken defined conscience as "the inner voice which warns us that someone might be looking." If the victim responds by cutting off all future aid, the cheater will have paid dearly. He has an interest in preventing the rupture by making up for the misdeed and keeping it from happening again. People feel guilty about private transgressions because they may become public; confessing a sin before it is discovered is evidence of sincerity and gives the victim better grounds to maintain the relationship.

SHAME, the reaction to a transgression after it has been discovered, evokes a public display of contrition, no doubt for the same reason.

Stephen Pinker, How The Mind Works,1997 (pp405-406)
drop the divisive hate
drop the divisive hate

bushit's Prayer 08.Mar.2003 06:51


bushit's "prayer"
bushit's Prayer
bushit's Prayer