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Oregon Senate Bill 742

Proposed Oregon bill creates crime of "terrorism" resulting in minimum of 25 years in prison. Most readers of this website could probably be prosecuted under it if it passes.
This Oregon bill introduced by Senator Minnis looks like something to be very concerned about. You can read an official summary of it at:  link to www.leg.state.or.us. It would essentially create a crime of "terrorism" with a minimum jail sentence of 25 years for activities as minimal as participating in an action that "disturbs commerce and transportation systems in the State of Oregon."

I just wrote Senator Kate Brown and my representative am including a copy of my letter below. These state political battles are easy to ignore, but I wouldn't want to find out about this when I was being faced with a 25 year to life prison sentence! Please write your reps if you agree with me. They make it easy for you if you click on "Write your legislator" at  http://www.leg.state.or.us/.


Dear Senator Brown,

I am very alarmed about the proposed Senate Bill 742 that creates a crime of
"terrorism" punishable by a minimum of 25 years jail sentence. Although everyone is
opposed to terrorism, per se, this bill would impose an extremely heavy penalty for
actions that even the most ordinary of citizens might find themselves participating in.

Any member of a protest march through the streets of downtown Portland, for
instance, could be convicted under this proposed law for participation in a
disturbance of "commerce or the transportation systems of the State of Oregon."

I implore you to read the text of this bill carefully and if you agree with me that it is an
excessive and chilling attack on our civil rights, please do what you can to stop it.

Thank you for your consideration of this issue.


homepage: homepage: http://www.leg.state.or.us/03reg/measures/sb0700.dir/sb0742.intro.htm

Currently in Judiciary Committee 07.Mar.2003 15:02

Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee info@portland-or.bordc.org

The previously-mentioned SB 742 was referred to the Judiciary Committee of the Oregon Senate Tuesday. The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are as follows:
Senator John Minnis, Chair
Senator Ginny Burdick, Vice-Chair
Senator Ted Ferrioli
Senator Charlie Ringo
Senator Charles Starr
Senator Vicki Walker
Senator Burdick is from the Portland area, so local residents should call her office at 503-986-1718 and urge opposition to SB 742. Other contact information for Senator Burdick is available in the right-hand sidebar, under Oregon Legislative Delegation. Feel free to use our comments on SB 742 or our letter regarding the bill as a reference when making your calls, should the Senator's office for some reason ask what SB 742 is about.