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Uniform Deception

Iraq Giving Own Forces Western Uniforms in Ploy -US

Maybe I'm just cynical -

Could this be part of the disinformation campaign which the pentagon hinted at earlier, or just an advance setup for future deniability of US actions?

Chilling either way
Iraq Giving Own Forces Western Uniforms in Ploy -US

By Charles Aldinger and Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) has ordered uniforms replicating those worn by U.S. and British troops and will issue them to paramilitary fighters who would attack Iraqi civilians and blame it on Western forces, the U.S. Central Command charged on Thursday.

A command spokesman said in a statement that U.S. intelligence had obtained the information, but refused to say how such intelligence was gathered or provide any details.
The accusation was another in a series of allegations that have been made by Washington in a war of words with Saddam as tension grows ahead of a possible U.S.-led invasion of Iraq (news - web sites) to rid that country of alleged chemical and biological weapons.
"Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has ordered the procurement of military uniforms identical down to the last detail to those of the United States and United Kingdom forces" now gathered in the Gulf, said James Wilkinson, a senior spokesman for Central Command.
"Saddam intends to issue these uniforms to 'Fedayeen Saddam' troops who would wear them when conducting reprisals against the Iraqi people so that they could pass the atrocities off as the work of the United States and the United Kingdom."
A "fact sheet" provided by Central Command, which is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has responsibility for any war in Iraq, said that Fedayeen Saddam, or "Men of Sacrifice," has a strength of more than 15,000 and was founded by Saddam's son, Uday, in 1994.
Many members of the organization are in their teens and recruited in areas noted for loyalty to Iraq's president, according to Central Command.
"Though not an elite force, the group does deal with unrest during an emergency," it added. "The force carries out patrols and anti-smuggling duties and is separate from the army command, reporting directly to the presidential palace."
The Pentagon (news - web sites) has also charged that Saddam is putting military targets near civilian sites and may be planning a "scorched earth" policy of setting fire to oil fields and destroying power plants and food stocks in any conflict, then blaming that on any attackers.
"This campaign of fear and misinformation would represent the latest chapter in Saddam Hussein's long history of brutal crimes against the innocent people of Iraq," Wilkinson said.
American Lies 07.Mar.2003 15:00

Smokey DeBear

The Bush Administration's own criteria for identifying a nation in need of independent inspections. According to their criteria, the most dangerous states are those run by leaders who:

1) have massive stockpiles of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons;
2) ignore due process at the United Nations;
3) refuse to sign and honour international treaties; and
4) have come to power through illegitimate means."


Incubator Babies Redux 07.Mar.2003 16:10

CIA spookkiller

Sounds like another transparent and clumsy piece of American psyops similar to the infamous Incubator baby hoax promoted by the USA (and a PR firm named Hill and Knowlton) during the first Operation Desert Slaughter.

Just remember in the past several months in the runup to this War crusade, America has accused Iraq of connections to an Al-queda group in Northern Iraq, that an Iraqi agent met with Mohammed Atta in the Czech. Rep., that Iraq had a nuclear weapons program in development, that aluminum tubes going to Iraq were destined for this nukes program, that a non-existent shipment of uranium was transported to Iraq from Turkey, that Colin Powell's presentation to the UN on February 5 drew upon and praised an English intelligence dossier which has turned out to be nothing more than a mish-mash of plagiarized material some of which is based upon 12 year old information.

All of these assertions have been subsequently discredited and proven to be lies.

Who is the proven liar here? Its clearly America.

excellent summary 08.Mar.2003 00:34


thanks spookkiller