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imperialism & war

Are you READY for the revolution?

Do you have a plan of action for when bombing starts in Iraq? So we are gonna meet at Terry Shrunk plaza... what then?
The main plan is: meet at Terry Shrunk Plaza at 4pm if the bombing starts before 4, or the next day at 4pm if the bombing starts after 4. But what then? are we gonna stand around chanting? "oh please oh please evil dictator, we don't like your war."

I have a plan.
Maybe you have a plan.
If you are a person of ACTION, put your plan on paper and meet me at Terry Shrunk Plaza with the main rally. Bring a few of your friends of action with you (we are gonna need lots of people of action.) We can take the best of all plans to create a master plan of action, then carry it out. Who knows what will happen >:) Be creative in your ideas, we need all the ideas we can get :)

I will be wearing a baby blue armband, and wearing an either dark blue/marroon or black coat. I have light brown hair and glasses. I will be there from 4:30 to 5:00 at the least. Bring your best rebel gear.

Feel free to leave me a message if you wanna talk before then.


Portland Problem Solver

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plan for terry trunk 07.Mar.2003 11:50


hey, so flyers are starting to go up actually about a basic idea for what may happen at terry trunk plaza - there will be a march leaving there at approx. 5pm, and the march will allow room for people of varying tactics to use those tactics in ways that don't comprimise others.
there will be legal and medical support.
we ask that people bring clothing approriate for the unpredictable weather and the unpredictable police.
bring water, and lights since it will probably become dark before we are through.
bring whatever it is to do whatever it is you feel is approriate.

sign holding is no longer enough.