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imperialism & war

I Challenge YOU!

I challenge you to make a difference in this world.
I challenge you to stand up and do something about the US going to WAR with Iraq. All hope is not lost. We do have a chance to avert war. However, It's going to require all of us to do a lot more than we are doing right now. We have to go above and beyond attending a peace rally to show our support. I challenge you now to stop the bickering amongst yourselves, and start with taking action. Here are some things I am suggesting you do, but I want you to be even more creative then me.
At the bear minimum attend a peace rally
Put a "No War" sticker on your car.
If you drive a SUV, put two on there.
If you ride a bike, put a peace flag on your bike.
Make Signs and Banners for a peace March.
Put a No War sign in your yard.
Give a No War Sign to your Neighbors to put in their yard.
Send E-mail, or call your representatives and let them know how you feel
E-mail or call the president, and let him hear your voice.
If you don't know their Phone or e-mail goto:  http://www.vote-smart.org/
And fill out your 9-digit zip code.
Write to the editorial of your local newspaper
Write to the editorial of a national newspaper
Do something crazy, like walk naked across Pioneer Square with a peace sign drawn on your body.
Most Importantly of all, be creative and come up with your own form of protest
Stop arguing about the difference between Radicals and Liberals and Democrats.
Let's act together on this one.
I now challenge you to go out there, and make a difference in this world.
And... . Thank You!
One day, My grandchildren will be proud of the initiative that you took!
ummm 07.Mar.2003 11:37


more suggestions:

stop driving a car -

discard your tv and shut off the cable -

stop buying stuff you do not need -

buy bulk foods -

refrain from going to movies and eating out alot -

the money saved from these actions would be enough to support two people to work full time on activism

if you have a job, then let people live with you and be free from paying rent so they can concentrate on activist work

or, quit your job and live with the above person and spend your time on activist work

putting bumper stickers on your car aint gonna do it - let's get serious about the level of work and commitment needed and then take real action - if you are not willing to give up your indulgent lifestyle, then you are not serious about stopping war!!

raven is holier than thou 07.Mar.2003 14:49


just because someone has a job and drives a car it doesn't mean they are not serious about stopping war. many of us have jobs that we feel are actually doing more good than 'activism'. sorry we get paid to do it.

i'll continue to buy stuff i don't need thank you very much, as i suspect will you. and i'm going to a movie tonight.

Do whatever you can. 07.Mar.2003 15:07

The Challenger

I have a job as well, it barely pays enough for me to get by every month. So I won't be taking in any Activists anytime soon. However, all the free time I have that I don't spend at my job, I will spend fighting the war in my own ways. Sure slapping a bumper sticker on my car will not change the world. But it will let other people know that they are not alone in what they believe in, and maybe they will put a sticker on their car as well, and then maybe someday soon, so many people have "No War" stickers on their cars, that Pro-War people start to feel a little uncomfertable. My point is that we can all do something to prevent a war when we have the time to do it. And whatever that is will help in some way. Like what Jane Doe wrote on an earlier post:

Currently, I am printing out copies of these flyers and distributing them around Clackamas Community College. Out here in Oregon City, most people have no clue as to what is going on so I slid them in newspapers, on bullentin boards, in the cafeteria, gave one to the newspaper staff and asked if they would like to advertise upcoming protests in the newspaper itself and in a few minutes i will be attending a meeting of the peace and justice club to clue them in on what is going on... I wrote this to describe how others can help the masses learn of protests...where ever you are...print a few copies, slide them into Teen Magazines, People Magazines...put a few copies next to the computers at school, in the bathrooms at work...infiltrate the masses...then we can make a change...

Realize, Rebel, Revolutionize


I think that that kind of initiative is great! People should be recognized for that. Jane is out there making a difference. And so am I. and I challenge everyone else to do the same thing.

dubya protesed "war" 07.Mar.2003 20:02


dubya protesed "war"
dubya protesed "war"

better full of yourself than someone else 09.Mar.2003 01:27


put anti-war stickers on someone elses car- some big, lousy suv would be best.

blood in your gas. stop the war!

whatever to lame asses who say i know what i should do but i won't because i like my comfy life. i argue with folks like you and in the end the only argument you got is "i dont wanna" you know when you do something that is not good for the planet- including selfish humans- nobody even has to tell you. just listen to your nagging conscience. it feels bad, because its wrong. you feel sick, because something is wrong. good doesnt mean easy either.

i'm sick of people whining and justifying...

"i deserve what i got "
(i.e. read starving kids in exploding buildings deserve what they got)

"i can so i will"

"be like me, and you too can win at the capitalist game."

it's all such bullshit