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Hiroshima Flame Walkers March 15th

March 15th
1:30 PM
Salmon and Front Streets
@ the fountain
Hiroshima Flame Walkers March 15th
Hiroshima Flame Walkers March 15th
If you participated in the 2002 Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage either by your support or for those who walked or prayed with us...please come down and lend your voice and your Spirit against the Iraq War.

We will meet at the fountain on Salmon and Front Streets and then join the 2:00 rally.

Namu myo ho ren ge kyo
background and previous reporting 07.Mar.2003 10:37

found this in the stacks

In January 2002, a group of people from around the world began the cross-country Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage in Washington state. They carried a flame that was started from the burning embers of Hiroshima, Japan, after that city was destroyed by a U.S. nuclear attack in 1945. The organizers made a Call To Walk, saying, "We will be walking as a spiritual pilgrimage for world peace, disarmament, to end the Star Wars Missile Defense Program, and to save mother earth from further destruction. We will honor the Native people who have been victims of our nuclear development and listen to their message of peace. The events of September 11th and the resulting war have made this walk and our prayers even more urgent."

The walk stopped at nuclear sites and native lands across the country and concluded at the United Nations in NYC in May 2002. The idea for the walk came from Jun Yasuda, a Japanese Buddhist Nun of the Nipponzan Myohoji order and Tom Dostou, a Native American activist in Massachusetts whose experiences on a peace walk in Japan inspired the organization of a Hiroshima Flame walk here in the United States. [ read more ]

A portland indymedia reporter was along as a walker for the first portion of it. His reports -- in audio, photos, and text -- were collected in this special section of portland indymedia, along with content by other people.

SGI 12.Mar.2003 12:27

lost luck child

namu myo ho ren ge kyo

any other luck children?? and how is this faith involved??