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imperialism & war

President is praying!

A great speech
President is praying!
President is praying!
I contend that the Iraq is the biggest threat for U.S. I contend that the Iraq is the biggest threat for the world. I contend that the Iraq is the centre of terrorists. I contend there is a coherence between Iraq and 9/11. I argue the converse of CIA conclusions. Allegations must not be proven. People pray for me and I pray for them. I pray for peace and freedom. To avert a war is beyond my power. I contend that UN is nonrelevant. We have enough vassals for a raid. I contend that millions of people are nonrelevant. I contend that other states are asolutely nonrelevant and I contend yet that the Blix report will be false, corrupt and a dangerous distortion of my consolidated findings. My only intention is to protect my citizens. The war will be expensive, impossible to specify, have no idea. Bin Ladin is located in Pakistan. Pakistan was involved in three wars and is testing now an new nuke-missile with range over 500 miles, damn about. I decide which dictatorship needs a democracy-bombing. I pray for my troops making a great war and I pray for the Iraqi people, I will erase now. Massacre on Iraqi civilians by American troops can never be happen because ugly iraqi troops will dress up like our soldiers to befoul us. Good gimmick, isn't it? We only wage clean wars.

Pray for me!

Your blessed president!

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better a nazi than a commie 07.Mar.2003 10:45


I'll take a nazi over a commie anyday.

at least the nazi won't get your dog Pregnant.

that makes no sense at all 08.Mar.2003 11:37

secret agent

J.S., that makes no sense at all. better luck next time...
best wishes,
Karl Marx