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Impeachment Resolution Action Coalition

We are a group supporting the Impeachment Resolution written by Professor Francis A. Boyle. We are petitioning our Representatives to endorse the Resolution and we are also informing people about the move towards Impeachment.
Impeachment Resolution Action Coalition (IRAC)-
This was started in February. It is based around action to garner support for the resolution to impeach George W. Bush written by Frances A. Boyle, Law Professor at the University of Illinois. We are based in Portland, OR., and are focusing on the state of Oregon and our five representatives in the House. We are mainly focused on signature gathering on district specific petitions that we will approach the Reps with as evidence of the demand from their own constituency. As of now we have copies of the petition, copies of the resolution, and handbills that we are circulating to spread the word of the resolution and the petition supporting it. We are in the process of forming relationships with existing groups that are likely to share in this common goal, and we hope to gain a lot of support at the 3/15 waterfront rally. We are working on getting copies of the blank district specific petitions onto the web so that they can be printed off, however, we do not intend to create a web based petition. We are currently meeting weekly on Wednesdays @ 9:30 at 602 NE Prescott (the church on the corner of 6th & Prescott). Any inquiries, requests for further information and offers to get involved email:  impeachment_resolution@yahoo.com

address: address: 602 NE Prescott (the church on the corner of 6th & Prescott)

don't forget to ask george 07.Mar.2003 08:14


about Genoa

Cheney for president? 07.Mar.2003 08:17

Scared Shitless

The main problem with impeaching Bush is that Cheney is even more of a Nazi. Maybe this effort is purely symbolic?

Not a problem 07.Mar.2003 08:42


Impeach Bush, Cheney is not going to have any more input than he does now. More importantly start the war crimes proceedures now. These killers go down.

impeach clinton 07.Mar.2003 10:20


I signed two different patitions to impeach clinton.

one in 1993, and one in 1995.

there were over 2 million signatures from the NRA and various groups.

It was introduced in a republican congress in 1995.

I'm still waiting..