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Straight Ahead

music & lyrics by James Marshall Hendrix
Straight Ahead
Straight Ahead
Hello my friend
so happy to see you again
I'm so alone
All by myself
Just couldn't make it.

Have you heard Baby
What the winds blowing down
Have you heard Baby
A lot of peoples coming right on down.

Communication is coming on strong
It don't give a damn Baby
if your hair is short or long

I said get out of your grave
Everybody is dancing in the street
Do what you know don't be slow
You gotta practice what you preach
Cause it's time for you and me
come to face reality.

Forget about the past Baby
Things ain't what they used to be
Keep on Straight Ahead

We got to stand side by side
We got to stand together and organize
They say power to the people
that's what they're screamin'
Freedom of the soul
Pass it on, Pass it on to the young and old.

You got to tell the children the truth
they don't need a whole lot of lies
Cause one of these days Baby
They'll be running things.

So when you give them love
You better give it right
WomanóChildóMan and Wife
the best love to have is the Love of Life.

Hello my friend
So good to see you again
Been all by myself
I don't think I can make it alone
Keep Pushing Ahead.

~ ~ ~

Jimi Hendrix
August 1970.
keep on 07.Mar.2003 08:38

straight ahead

I picked up a used copy of "cry of love" a couple months ago. In fact I picked it up just to recall the lyrics to "straight ahead".I was so taken by his message that I decided to re-examine alot of what Hendrix was doing toward the end of his life.Check out the video "Band of Gypsys" It is available at "video madness". Anyway what I think I discovered is that Hendrix seemed to get his message down to the very basics at the end.
Self empowerment,non violence,and for the people to stand together and organize.It was his "message of love".
I think there's is alot of information to be gleaned from Jimi's music.We should all revisit it.

Hello old friend
Its so good to see you again
Been all by myself
I don't think I can make it alone
keep on pushing strait ahead

Hendrix knew back in 1970.


I Hear You Jimi 08.Mar.2003 12:30


Your music is still alive Jimi and more valid than ever. Peace bro