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anarchist discussion group friday march 7th 8pm at laughing horse books

we will be reading and discussion 2 essay's from 9 to 10. One is by VOLTAIRINE DE-CLEYRE and the other by CRHIS CRASS, which apparently is about VOLTAIRINE. Who knows i'm just the get the word out person and an avid attendant. This discussion group takes place every friday night at 8 and is a great way to learn, comunicate, work on social skills, and meet people.
please anarchists bring food, and leave your college whitie elite crap at home. te he he he he he he te. i luv you all cheers
right on 07.Mar.2003 18:50


your class is crass right on

8 oclock 07.Mar.2003 20:05

8 oclock

8 oclock