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Stop the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance!

Join the campaign to eliminate profit for members of the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance. The PBA is out of control with Franklin Kimbrough at the wheel. Kimbrough coerced city council members Jim Francesconi, Randy Leonard, and Dan Saltzman to ignore public opinion and fail a popular resolution opposing a "unilateral, pre-emptive" strike against Iraq.
In January, over 20,000 people took to Portland's streets protesting the US war on Iraq, making it the largest demonstration in the city's history. Clearly, the citizens of Portland want peace.

A resolution opposing a "unilateral, US pre-emptive strike against Iraq" was proposed in the Portland City Council. It had broad support in the community. Thousands wrote and faxed urging the council to approve the resolution, but the will of the people was disregarded. City council members Jim Francesconi, Randy Leonard, and Dan Saltzman ensured the defeat of the measure after receiving a single letter from the Franklin Kimbrough, president of the Portland Business Alliance (PBA). Unlike the other 110 U.S. cities that passed anti-war resolutions, Portland is now officially on record as NOT opposed to the war even though the people of Portland overwhelmingly declared their opposition.

The Portland Business Alliance has repeatedly used undue influence to corrupt city negotiations and decisions in violation of the will of the people. Eighty percent of the Portland Business Alliance budget comes from your tax dollars!

Here are some of the ways the PBA is trying to destroy the Portland that we love.

-Attempting to convert Pioneer Courthouse Square into an ice-skating rink, eliminating Portland's foremost public gathering space.
-They proposed to end "bus only" lanes in the downtown transit mall and replace them with parking space.
-Tried to replace the city's business tax with a payroll tax that would exclude schools from receiving any of the revenue.
-Proposed formation of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to funnel contributions to so-called "pro-business" candidates.
-Created a pseudo police force that tickets citizens and expels "undesireables" from downtown (such as signature gatherers!)

The members of the Portland Business Alliance are not doing what the people want, and we will use all legal means available to deprive them of profit until they back off and stop trying to intimidate and threaten Citizens and the city council.

UPCOMING ACTIONS & INFO: Check out www.geocities.com/peacepdx/

March 15th "Shop 'till they Drop - Deprive them of Profit!" action - info at www.geocities.com/peacepdx/ At the website, you can also help with the ongoing fax/phone/e-mail campaign to members of the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance.

To volunteer: e-mail  peacepdx@yahoo.com and mention how you would like to help.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/peacepdx/

the workers 07.Mar.2003 19:11

psu student

Hey ya'll,

A perspective: I have friends that work at Meier and Frank to put themselves through college. Its not entirely easy finding a job in p-town these days. SO......please please please please please please make a point to be courteous to the sales clerks and actually, try not to make a huge mess that they are forced to clean up (in dressing rooms, etc).

As usual in an anti-business action plan, I see no mention of the WORKERS and CUSTODIANS (many of whom) are getting paid around minimum wage who'll be cleaning up any mess.

Support the worker, not the alliance 08.Mar.2003 12:28

A local worker

I totally agree that the workers must be treated with the utmost respect. I also agree that this type of action is vital to putting business in their place. The PBA is so out of hand right now, drastic action must be taken. So. . .everyone who supports the worker, get involved in this action so you can be there to assure the employees that the anger of the people is not directed at them. You cannot shape the direction of this action if you aren't present.

M&F Employee offers a suggestion 08.Mar.2003 14:20

Keepin it anonymous to keep my job

I work for M&F and I can tell you most of the emplyees are against this war. I'm all in favor of this shop till they drop idea. But I want to remind you, that I will have to clean up after you when your done. My suggestion? Bring a little cash and tip the employees. Believe me, we won't let those tips fall into the hands of the PBA, and we'll be in a lot better mood "to assist you". :-)