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It doesn't have to make sense!

It doesn't have to make sense!
The Iraqi Government plans to tourture more of its citizens because that's what they are good at.
and protestors are ignore their pleas 06.Mar.2003 18:31


protestors ignore the pleas of iraqis because that is all they are good at.

looks like you screwed up your madlibs 06.Mar.2003 18:35


that's what the US is good at ... the Fourth Reich has made billions exporting and importing terror, in all forms: School of the Americas, bio weapons, chem weapons, weapon weapons.

but you know that copparoo.

to 'gv', 'the monkey's uncle' 06.Mar.2003 18:46

how about THIS Iraqi? Make sense yet?

to 'gv', 'the monkey's uncle'
to 'gv', 'the monkey's uncle'

thanks for the laugh 06.Mar.2003 18:49

ha ha

"and protestors are ignore their pleas ... protestors ignore the pleas of iraqis because that is all they are good at."

Oh, yes, I hear the Iraqis now, "Please, please drop 800 bombs on us in an hour! The 10+ years of bombing, starvation and uranium-related birth defects weren't enough!"

How do you manage to wipe your own ass? Ah, i smell that you don't.

Wow! 06.Mar.2003 18:54


Wow, co-opting your messages really gets under your skin doesn't it?


I just ring the bell and the liberal mad dog slobbers all over the keyboard.

It seems like a successful tactic.

actually, 'pavlov' 06.Mar.2003 19:00


"liberal mad dog slobbers . . ."

you're the rightwingnut mad dogs who show up here in the first place--

and if you're *not* COINTELPRO getting paid per line of type,

it takes a pretty uncreative, psychologically warped, torture-loving human to spend time here this way.
actually, 'pavlov'
actually, 'pavlov'

what 06.Mar.2003 19:02


a sad, low threshhold for success

pretty uncreative, psychologically warped? 06.Mar.2003 19:13


I must be in the right spot then.

who has posted that manure spreader photo for 800,000 time on this website??

real creative...

not to mention that rummy/saddam photo 06.Mar.2003 19:28


rummy has stated he knows saddham has chemical weapons because he sold them to saddam, so you have to credit him for wanting to go in and clean up his mistake.

three things wrong, pavlov 'n' me-- 06.Mar.2003 19:32


PHOTO of pavlov (right) and his pal me (left) doing what they do best.

1. "800,000" [sic] time? not hardly. and it most certainly applies to the rehashed horsecrap you and your COINTELpals spam onto this site. You're *running out* of ideas (because the plutocrats whose cocks you suck are, too)--COME UP WITH BETTER ONES.

2. you call this "successful" ?!?!???

3. not everyone who responded--in fact, few who frequent this website--is "liberal" (whatever that vague classification means).
three things wrong, pavlov 'n' me--
three things wrong, pavlov 'n' me--

did you see pimple head on the tv tonite? 06.Mar.2003 19:45

hope so

did you see pimple head on the tv tonite?
did you see pimple head on the tv tonite?

answer THIS question, 'ray'-- 06.Mar.2003 19:46


On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops rolled across the border into neighboring Kuwait. The invasion prompted outrage and action from the White House where Iraq's President Saddam Hussein was reviled as a modern day Hitler, potentially more dangerous by virtue of his nuclear weapons ambitions.

But Washington's view had not always been so negative....


'ray', by your own pals' original post title--

none of this has to make sense anyway, right?

"saddham has chemical weapons because he sold them to saddam, so you have to credit him for wanting to go in and clean up his mistake"

precisely how is *invading* Iraq a cleanup of a supposed "mistake"? Didn't we already have the chance to "rectify" in 1990?

Sure looks like a *deliberate* handshake to me . . . and happened on two separate occasions 1983-84 . . . hmmmm . . .

answer THIS question, 'ray'--
answer THIS question, 'ray'--

only seen that photo 40,000 times 06.Mar.2003 19:50

you are improving.

you're down to about 40,000 posts with the second manure spreader photo.

I only spread chemicals on my land. Organic sucks..

indymedia human panty shield 06.Mar.2003 19:59


Hey man, like stop the war, man, like..
indymedia human panty shield
indymedia human panty shield

It doesn't have to make sense! 06.Mar.2003 20:24

a smirking chimpanzee's uncle

Attack would be 'in breach of law'
By Frances Gibb, Times Online Legal Editor

THE Prime Minister was told by lawyers in his wife's legal chambers yesterday that the second UN resolution proposed by the US, Britain and Spain would not authorise war on Iraq, were it to be passed.

Lawyers from Matrix Chambers, where Tony Blair's wife Cherie practises, said that military action against Iraq would be a "clear violation of international law".

Even if the resolution overcame opposition by France, Germany and Russia and were passed by the UN Security Council, it would not sanction war, according to Rabinder Singh, QC, and Charlotte Kilroy. The Government will have been advised on the draft resolution by Lord Goldsmith, QC, the Attorney-General, after taking advice from leading international law experts at the Bar.

Under the convention that legal advice from the Attorney-General to ministers is confidential, Lord Goldsmith has resolutely refused to confirm even whether he has given such advice, far less what it is. But he has said that any military action would comply with international law: "The Prime Minister has always made clear that we will, in our actions, comply with international law."

While the legal opinion from Matrix is that the draft resolution would not authorise the use of force, it is possible that other lawyers take the opposite view. The draft resolution says that Iraq has "failed to take the final opportunity afforded to it in Resolution 1441".

But the legal opinion by Mr Singh and Ms Kilroy, on behalf of CND and other campaign groups, concluded that this "would not authorise the US and the UK to use force against Iraq if it were adopted". They added: "In the present circumstances as known to us, if there is no further resolution clearly authorising force, the US and the UK would be acting in violation of international law if they were to attack Iraq."

A hurtful country 08.Mar.2003 07:47

The Redcoat

I know a country where citizens are systematically tortured because they are members of a certain group (The poor). In the middle of winter they are forced to move around in the cold, they are forced to keep moving because the powers that be don't want that kind in their neighborhood. These citizens do not have any rights. They can be given "The bums rush" at any time. Many of these people work hard at menial jobs, but still cannot support thier families and provide for decent education, shelter, or healthcare.

But it doesn't have to make sense because:

They've got theirs, and God is on their side.