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Indymedia PDF Video Showing Flyers for Lewis and Clark and Reed

Indymedia PDF Video Showing Flyers for Lewis and Clark and Reed
Flyers for the upcoming video showings at Lewis and Clark and at Reed. Featuring Feb. 15 radical anti-war march, High school student sit-in at Capitol in Salem, Feb. 6 high school student strike and march, Solo timber sale auction protest, Cascadia Summer preview, and more!

The Lewis and Clark indymedia video showing is on Monday, March 10th, 8:00 pm in the Council Chamber (in Templeton)

The Reed indymedia video showing is on Tuesday, March 11th at 8:00 pm in Biology 19 (in the basement)

and FRIDAY too 08.Mar.2003 15:47


Ahem. And there will be a showing at PCC Cascade Campus on Friday March 14th at 6:30. Not sure yet which room...I'll get back to you on that.

Heads up! (or off as the case may be) 10.Mar.2003 04:08

John Jr

Just a note to you morons...a woman in Baghdad protested how women in Iraq were treated and abused on the recent "International Womens Rights Day."
She made a sign and had a very public one woman protest.
Guess what she got for her efforts?
She was snatched by some goverment goon squad and publically beheaded.
So the next time you retards wanna hang your hat on how bad things are, maybe you should remember the blood she spilled.
But you wont, because it doesnt fit you agenda.
Bush has already said that protests wont sway his course of action, and this is one reason why.
You are all cowards.

Movie night On Friday Also 11.Mar.2003 16:10


We are also hosting an indymovie night here at PCC Cascade in NE PDX. Campus is on the corner of albina and killingsworth, the movie showing will be in the Terrell Hall building in rm 122 wich is the lecture hall. Please coem to this rare Ne showing and bring all you know!!