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Spain: tens of thousands of students reject the imperialist war

Reject the Imperialist War
Tens of thousands reject the imperialist war
Not a soldier, not a bullet, not a penny for the war!
by Pablo Sanchez
Yesterday, March 5, the Spanish Student Union called a national student strike, supported by other organizations, in response to the call of the NYSPC. This was part of an international action, which saw students from Canada, Pakistan, France, Britain, and many other countries walk out on strike against imperialist aggression in the Middle East. The walkout was a big success: 95% of school students, and 80% at the university students turned out.

The 60,000-strong demonstration in Madrid involved school as well as university students. The mood was militant, and this came across in the demands and chants: 'it is not humanitarian, it is imperialist!' and 'Bombs No! Books Yes!'. Many workers, trade union leaders and left-wing politicians also attended the demo.

Madrid Demo
There were demonstrations in over 50 cities across Spain. In Barcelona there were 30,000, in Seville 6,000, and in Valencia 3,000. The estimated total for Spain is around 200,000.

This shown how isolated the pro-war party is. The Spanish Student Union General Secretary, Miriam Municio, made a speech pointing out the imperialist character of the war, and how imperative it is that we build opposition. She also explained that the real role of the U.N. is as a tool of the imperialists, which is incapable of taking a firm stand against the war.

The students will move again and again to stop the war, building committees in the schools and universities. But this is not enough to halt the war, what is required is the action of the organized working class. Therefore the Marxist leadership of the Students Union is demanding that the trade union leaders organize a national one-day general strike. The example of the Italian metal workers federation the CGIL, who have called a one-day general strike the day the war breaks out points the way forward.

'A general strike to stop the war!' is the slogan that the students were putting forward to the trade union leaders.

March 6, 2003

See the Sindicato de Estudiantes website.

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