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M15 Critical Mass

Jesus Fuck! I love Critical Mass, I don't care what anybody else says. I'll be riding CM on March 15 at 1pm from NW Park & Couch.
CM was a blast on Feb 15, especially after we stopped at the liquor store. The popos will have their hands full with the marchers, and CM will RULE THE STREETS.

woo-(almost hoo) 06.Mar.2003 20:04

Brian criticalmasser@riseup.net

Damn straight the mid-month rides are amazing. The cops are busy and there are alot ofpeople that get involved with CM that otherwise wouldnt, it is a great show and really, it is the best way to demostrate against the oil war. However, I dont think that the liquor store is a good idea. I left on F15 after that incident, it just seemed a little bit silly. Drinking isnt a problem, but it is an invitation to problems and I would like to keep CM sober. You drink, you show up drunk, what am I gonna do about it, we stop at a liquor store to buy a bottle of whiskey or jack or whatever, have fun with the ride and see you at the end of the month if I am around. Peace.Love. Think about it.

valid concern 06.Mar.2003 21:23

Deputy Dawg

Your concerns are valid. Really, I'm just surprised that the ride held together for the liquor run. Surely, whiskey might do something to dilute CM's message, but I'm suspecting more and more that all the pro bike blather is just a front. CM is about having a fun ride and being really goddamn irritating. Sometimes, that takes booze.

BTW, since the popos (cockroaches) monitor this site heavily, I'd recommend riding sober on the 15th.

Me Too 07.Mar.2003 02:40


I'll be there... and I'd like to flyer for this event, around town and at PSU. If anyone has time to throw together a quickie handlebar-sized flyer, please put it up here on indymedia.

Ride on, baby!

ride how you like 08.Mar.2003 03:14


folks can get so uppity when it comes to biking. Is this because they fear their car-driving friends' ignorant blathering about the "Bike Mass Thing"? I have fallen prey to this too by some of my brother's friends. Who wants to be ostracized for their views? (social masochists perhaps)

I feel the same way about intox riding. Sure it may not be the safest way to get around, but why stop there

not wearing a helmet? Also not so safe.

My seemingly reckless (to the untrained eye) style of biking? Also not conducive to being as safe as possible.

But why does this concern so many people? Sure you want to prevent accidents. Thats very noble of you. But bikers who take every precaution will still get in accidents. We have all accepted some level of risk in our lives. Just because we have accepted different amounts shouldn't give cause to such "us vs. them" behavior. We all want to ride our bikes, let's celebrate what we have in common, however you chose to celebrate. (after all I would prefer to ride with other drunks... but hell, I ain't gonna work towards some sort of segregation just because you sober riders aren't coordinated enough to do both).

I told my momma, "I couldnt sleep, must be the Rock Star I drank last night"
momma sano said "son, stick with alcohol, its what you know."
I love my momma