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Post your questions for Greg Palast!

Greg Palast is coming to PSU on April 5th! He donating the proceeds of this speaking engagement to independent media in portland. For details:  http://portland.indymedia.org/calendar/?display=zoom&event=1328
Post your questions for Greg Palast!
Post your questions for Greg Palast!
Award-winning BBC investigative reporter and author, Greg Palast, is stopping in Portland on April 5, 2003 on a multi-city national book tour in promotion of the U.S. Edition of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The book, a compilation of Palast's articles for the BBC and London Observer, was released February 2003 by Plume Penguin in paperback.

This new special edition is tougher, deeper, and bigger with over 100 pages of new investigative material. Topics such as who is ringing the cash register on the Orwellian USA Patriot Act, why the Bush administration is silent about Saudi support for terrorism, the real story of Iraq's nuclear program, as well as an update on Venezuela including Palast's interview with President Hugo Chavez have been added.

IMC is going to have an opportunity to interview Mr. Palast and would like to include your questions. So fire away!

homepage: homepage: http://www.gregpalast.com/

Oyez! Oyez! 06.Mar.2003 18:16

oh yeah!

Oyez! Oyez! Oooooooh, YEAH!

I can't for Greg's return to Portland!!!

Total Information Agency De-funded! 07.Mar.2003 08:28

marc mbatko@lycos.com

According to Wired News in February 2003, the Senate passed a bill by voice vote authored by Sen. Wyden (OR) defunding the Total Information Awareness agency, Poindexter's agency
The agency was defunded because of massive civil liberties threats including Email privacy.
Why couldn't the Senate by voice vote pass a bill impeaching Junior for high crimes and misdemeanors?

pic 26.Mar.2003 11:19



jpg 26.Mar.2003 11:23



question on Votescam 30.Mar.2003 15:24

Dirtgardener mel@igc.org

Question to Greg Palast who has done some innovative reporting on the
Florida 2000 elections.
Can you tell us about Voter News Service and VNS' executive director Ted Savaglio?
Also, do you know about Votescam (the rigging of elections through the voting machines)
and the title of the underground 1992 book "Votescam: The Stealing of America" by James M. and Kenneth F. Collier.
In 1970, Ken Collier was challenging long-time U.S. Representative from Florida Claude Pepper for the house
seat and exposed an election fraud that's more mysterious and stranger than fiction.
As I understand it, neither of the Collier brothers is alive but one of their daughters is promoting their work and is seen on the website:  http://www.votescam.com/frame.html

Bush's Big Lies 31.Mar.2003 23:12

Jon Mon

When Bush says he's "bringing peace to the region" just days after he unilaterally starts a war in Iraq, why don't journalists lambast him? Why, when Bush says "Sharon is a man of peace", don't journalists immediately remind the audience that Sharon is an accused war criminal? When Bush says in his State of the Union address that the IAEA has reported that "Iraq is six months away from developing a weapon", yet the head of the IAEA says that they have never issued such a report, why does the story never even make it onto the radar screen? Then there's the forged Niger yellow cake documents, the drone that Bush claimed could attack America, the plagiarized, 12-year old academic papers presented by Powell as new information, and so on...

During the election Gore was branded a liar (probably deserved - he's a politician), and I heard it everyday on the media. Gore was accused of claiming to have "invented the Internet" and it was repeated until it became legend. (He actually claimed to have helped create it through political support and funding, which is true.) Why was the media so open to calling the non-Republican a liar?

How can Bush tell big, Hitler-sized lies and get away with it?

Does he have the dirt on every journalist living in America?

Talk about a teflon job.

Why are your professional peers so damn useless?