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Your help is essential! Your presence is requested!
Great fun and satisfaction is yours for the doing!
Overcome all obstacles and sign up today!
THING 1. This SATURDAY (or monday)
Peacekeeper Training
See the 3/15 March from the inside. Become a green-armbanded march monitor, capable of calming entire crowds with a single smile! Watch while many thousands look to you for guidance and support -- and learn how to meet their expectations completely, in a single one-hour training session this Saturday the 8th at 1 p.m., or Monday the 10th at 5 p.m., at Terry Schrunk Plaza, at SW 3rd and Madison. No registration required. Those who prefer to stay in one spot, stay an hour longer and be trained for Stage Security.

Portland Perpetual Recurring Cign-festival!
As seen on TV! As reported in the Oregonian and Tribune!
Come join the fun and help make 300 "No War" and "Peace" signs for the march 15 super rally against the war. We can't have too many folks at this work party. We have sticks, cardboard, pre-cut stencil screens, and spray paint.

What you can bring: 22" x 28" white posterboard is always needed.
Colorful spray paint is always needed (but not white and light grey).

When: Sunday March 9th
Time: Noon
Where: Furniture Craft
4507 NE Fremont

THING 3. This Sunday March 9th,
Call up people who really, really want to hear from you. Spread the news about the 3/15 march and rally. Phone banking at 840 N. Alberta, at Albina, just off I-5 in the offices of Neil Kelley, 6:30 p.m. Call John Grueschow at now, and let him know you'll be there.

THING 4. Saturday, 3/15, before the March,
Trustworthy and cheerful donation collectors needed at the March. This requires only fifteen to twenty minutes, and you will still be able to do the march and hear all the speakers. Make this a family effort! Come to Waterfront Park on Sat. 3/15 at 12:30, and look for the Vounteer tents. Let us know to expect you by calling John Olmsted
at 503-282-4753, or e-mailing  Cathandjohn@msn.com

THING 5. Saturday, 3/25, during the March
Come to the Volunteer Tents before 1:00 and sign up to hold up one end of any of our dozen ten-foot banners during the march. You'll feel like you're holding up the sky! And you will be! This also increases your chance of being on TV by several thousand per cent!

THING 6. Saturday, 3/15, after the March
Learn how to wield and fill huge plastic bags with the joyous detritus of the biggest rally Portland has ever seen. Come to the Volunteer Tents any time during the rally and sign up to do your part in making Waterfront Park look all nice and pretty again.
To PPRC 06.Mar.2003 15:12


Please add an announcement for the March 15th demo to your site. I sure would like an electronic copy of an 11x17 poster for the demo. Any idea where I might come across one of those?

HI 06.Mar.2003 17:45


Please refrain from discoraging politicly active folks from using indymedia. Oh! and while you're at it could you try resisting the temptation to put pressure on local "proressive" radio stations to censor, NOT COVER, or refrain from announcing, leaderless protests organized by ours or any other "radical" community? Heck while you're at it could you stop organizing for the cops? Like that time everyone was a organizing a protest and ya'll went and told them when where and what everyone was gonna do. You know which time I'm talkin about.

yaarrrr! GET REAL YO!

re HI ! 07.Mar.2003 03:16

glen theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

Portland Peacful Response Coalition is not -- well at least not quite -- as guilty as charged.

I'm the guy still in the 'inner steering committee' crowd at PPRC who always ends up by BIG MARCH time shouting "this official peace by pablum shit couldn't move a wilting petunia".

Will you and your friend/s please show up at a Tues 7pm weekly meeting and shout that "Life is for the still-living"
and that recognition [by detention] for strident civil disobedience is an honor -- NOT a shame !

PPRC needs your energy, whether they like it or want it or not ...

503 287 3473

Thing 1 07.Mar.2003 15:08

thought provoked

"Peacekeeper training"? That's a joke, right? PEACEKEEPERS? You want to teach people to help the cops oppress people, and then you want to call them "peacekeepers"? That's what they call US bombs, isn't it?

Bucket passers...what do you need to pass the bucket for? To pay for the march permit? We don't need any bucket passers or peacekeepers at the radical marches. Guess we just don't know how to "organize" to our own interests or something.

Listen. I know PPRC is doing what they know how to do here, and it's better than doing nothing for sure. I don't mean to pick a fight with you, as I'm tired of this bickering. But I just can't read this post without shaking my head at the idea that you're actually asking people to be "peacekeepers," and you're asking people to give you money. Any participation in the capitalist economy is just more support for this war. Can't you even have a PEACE MARCH without contributing to capitalism? Sigh.

thanks, glen, but... 08.Mar.2003 01:14

radical anti-war activist

glen, your work is appreciated. it's because of the few folks like you who are involved in PPRC that i'm now careful to say "some organizers in PPRC are [blank]..." rather than "PPRC is [blank]..." big props to you!

however, i don't think going to tuesday night meetings would help. there's a few straight white guys there (you know who they are -- one of them recently got his photo on the front page of the Metro section in the Oregonian) who are dominating and controlling and patriarchal and political and impossible, and i don't want to deal with them anymore. i've had one of them over to my house for dinner a couple times and really talked to him and it did no good. these guys aren't after an end-to-war; they're into legacy-building, ego and being "leaders". i've noted that women keep leaving PPRC. that tells me a lot right there.

i also was disturbed by the one PPRC meeting i did attend in which over 45 minutes passed without a single woman opening her mouth. it was clear that the culture of the meetings, as steered by the aforementioned squares, was responsible for their silence. i found it offensive. just as bad was the patronizing and subtley racist questioning of an african-american reparations organizer who came to the meeting that night seeking PPRC's help for an event.

besides, these guys at PPRC have made it very clear how they feel about radicals and indymedia -- they want nothing to do with either. their plans to discourage radical organizing is not "working together". their pressuring of KBOO not to announce the Feb. 15 radical march was inexcusable. their stance that "indymedia is not real media" comes from their resentment that some people in the community who don't like their methods have dared to speak about them publically using the indymedia forum.

these guys are part of the problem, not the answer.

and let me say, for the record: THIS IS NOT IN-FIGHTING. IT'S ONLY INFIGHTING IF YOU'RE ON THE SAME SIDE OR WORKING FOR THE SAME GOALS. these guys at PPRC are not on the side of the anti-war radicals and are not working toward the same goals. they are about control. radical politics is about empowerment. you can't get much different than that.