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Patriot Act 2: Politicos can be stripped of citizenship and deported

KBOO announcer quotes an article from the Nation vis-a-vis the changes to the patriot act.
What is coming is: no trial needed for deportation of non-citizens
US Citizens can be stripped of citizen ship and deported to any country (even one with no government sush as Somolia)

I will try to find the article
can I choose? 06.Mar.2003 16:25

deputy dawg

I'll take New Zealand or Switzerland. Somalia would suck.

Not so fast 06.Mar.2003 16:27


This "law " PA2 like so many actions of the unelected government will be discarded when democray is restored in the US. I am a citizen of the world but I am a citizen of this country for a reason the Bushites can not over come my parents fucked and I was born here. The original 'owners' said I can stay, who cares about the American Nazi. Now before some dickwade says, "Amerikkka love it or leave it" my choice is America love it and fix it. It needs alot of fix'n and that will take alot of ass kicking. And asskicking politics is why I'm here.

that article, and other links 06.Mar.2003 18:05

Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Damn! 06.Mar.2003 22:10

Deputy Dawg

I knew it was too good to be true. I checked out the ACLU link, and it sez:

* Stripping even native-born Americans of all of the rights of United States citizenship if they provide support to unpopular organizations labeled as terrorist by our government, even if they support only the lawful activities of such organizations, allowing them to be indefinitely imprisoned in their own country as undocumented aliens.  (Section 501)  

I guess I'll get my "rights" stripped and spend the rest of my days in PRISON instead of New Zealand. I was gettin' kind of excited about NZ too. I've heard it's beautiful and nuke free. Oh well, see ya in the hooskow.